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Castles of Mad King Ludwig Organizer

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Key Features

  • Two removable token trays
  • Built-in card holder
  • Supports sleeved and unsleeved cards

Product Description

Why add madness to your castle building? Use our officially licensed Castles of Mad King Ludwig Organizer to keep all your tokens and tiles in order during gameplay and transport. The main box organizer holds tokens and safely stores larger pieces below the two removable token trays. Both trays organize the castle pieces and one features a built-in card holder to easily dispense cards (sleeved or unsleeved) during game play.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Castles of Mad King Ludwig by Bézier Games.  ©2015 The Broken Token. Bézier Games, Castles of Mad King Ludwig and their logo are trademark of Bézier Games, Inc., 809 Kozera Dr., San Jose, CA 95136, USA. www.BezierGames.com

Product Information

  • 11.3" x 11.3" x 2.56"
  • 1.4 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Supports Expansions:
  • Secrets

Excellent Design


This is a very well done insert. I was a little bummed at first, thinking the largest of the boards had to sit on top, until I noticed that the inset was designed to accommodate the piece! Brilliant! They really do think of everything. I love this inset. It was easy to put together and very functional.

Super Great


There are sooo many pieces to this game that all need a better organization system than baggies!! This organizer is perfect! Now I look like an ocd badass bringing this out on the table! It's the best :)



I managed to carefully set it up without any tools or glue and it fully met my expectations.

Product does what product says


I wasn't allowed to get anything for my girlfriend for Christmas, so Santa brought her something that you would expect if Santa's elves had access to lasers - a Castles of Mad King Ludwig parts organizer. Her outrage at the circumvention of gifting rules quickly subsided once she saw what it was and vanished when she saw the price. Assembly took a bit of pondering as she punched out all the pieces before looking at the instructions. However, our years of Lego experience helped us sort that issue out.

The surprisingly precisely cut pieces fit together tightly. Creaking as they went in, she was worried her that the parts might break, but we continued being firm, but careful, and everything went together as well as we hoped. The final product was firm and tolerated a bit of shaking. It fit precisely in the Castles... box. And it made setup easy. Just pull out the trays and play straight from them instead of fiddling with all the setup.

Must Buy


Any time I take a game off the shelf that's just filled with bags of components, there;s an audible groan as everything needs to get sorted. This organizer alleviates all the headache of setting up this game so my group can get to playing it faster. In doing that, it makes the game more fun.

Functional and durable


Assembly went together fairly smoothly. Did use some wood glue as recommended to secure a few corners and bottoms. A handy but a somewhat pricey game accessory. However useful for games that have a lot of pieces that are played a lot.

RESPONSE: Thanks for the great review and feedback! Aminda Customer Service

Highly Functional


Initial impressions are very good. Instructions were very easy to follow, as always. My only (very minor) gripe would be that some compartments could use labeling, because not all of them are.

Their Best Engineered Insert Yet


First let me say that I have four or five Broken Token inserts and they all do an excellent job of mitigating the tedium of set-up for the games they are in. When I say best engineered, I mean that fit and tolerances of this particular insert are way above any other that I have seen from them. All of the joints were tight and secure (save the large frame that will remain in the box which is a non-issue). In fact, I only needed to use glue on one piece.

So why four stars instead of five? I have a fair reason and an unfair one. Fair, I really don't know where expansions will go beyond secrets, unless you start to double up on some bins. Unfair, the game isn't a favorite of mine, so the insert doesn't add to some pre-existing awesomeness.

Would love to like it more...


Let's get one thing out of the way. For a game like this you NEED an organizer. Like other Broken Token organizers, this one does a superb job helping you keep control over all the bits and pieces that come with this fun game. Here's why I scored it lower: Maybe I got a lemon but unlike all the other Broken Token organizers I own, which all fit perfectly, this is off. The trays in particular seem a little bit too small and don't sit perfectly on the main part and instead slide down on one side. Also, unlike the other organizers I had to use a lot more glue to hold all pieces safely in place. In addition, in the assembly there is one sticky point. One piece looks perfectly symmetrical but actually isn't, and if you put it in the wrong way around you end up with something that looks very wrong and took me a while to figure out.

All in all, still happy with it but at least my copy didn't live up to the Broken Token standard I am used to.



I'm NOT good at putting things together, but I got this done in less than 30 minutes. All the pieces fit together very well and I took the advice on using glue on the loose and outside joints. It's SO much easier setting up and tearing down this game now! I love it!

Keeps all the small bits separated, but...


First off, I think this was the best fitting organizer of the 4 I got (Suburbia, Dominion, and Manhattan Project). I think I had to spot glue once or twice, but otherwise all the pieces fit very snugly together and very snugly in the box, with no reinforcement necessary. We'll see how well my minimalist approach stands the test of time, as this game comes off my shelf frequently.

Generally speaking, I like the way the organizer is designed, with just 2 gripes. 1) I wasn't fond of having to dump the stairways and hallways into the same bin. 2) The area beneath the pull-out trays, where the player aid cards, barbicans, and moats are stored, is a disorganized mess. Surely there was something that could've been done down here, if nothing more than subdividing the area to keep the barbicans and moats from sliding around willy nilly?

I was originally using the pull-out trays in place of the original layout boards that came with the game. Now I think it's a mistake to do this, since you don't use all of the rooms in each stack. I think it may work better to assemble each stack, then put the rooms you're not using back into the trays, and put the rooms you are using on the layout boards as usual. Even so, this organizer does a much better job than having a dozen or so ziploc bags that you have to open and close each time you play the game. Setup and tear down is a lot faster, and that's the whole point of the organizer, isn't it?

Quicker setup and teardown


This is much nicer than having all of those plastic baggies. Each room size is in it's own section with the exception of stairs and hallways. The only suggestion I would have is to make the money sections separate so that it can be placed and easily passed around the table when needed.

It was a little tricky putting together, but a little patience was all it took.

A must have


This is a organizer is a must have for Castles. Now everything fits in great.

Even that large triangle board fits in once you find that handy slot.



Being a big fan of game organization, I used my typical plastic well-known-company "tackle box". Despite that, I decided to take the plunge on this product, and have not looked back since. The game set up is so easy with this organizer, that alone is worth the cost. Would highly recommend this product.

Absolutely awesome


This is my second favorite insert from BrokenToken. (Caverna is my favorite)

The way everything is sorted and labeled in the wood to help organize saves so much time and makes the game more enjoyable to play.

I especially like the fact that the insert can be taken out and used to draw cards from instead of putting all the piles on the main board and knocking them all over.

This is light years better than the dozens of ziplock bags the game comes with for storage.

Highly recommend this.



Left me first say that I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The insert arrived quickly and safely and the build was both easy and fun. The only glue required was one corner of the base tray, but tape alone would have sufficed. Besides that a soft mallet and a hobby knife made things a breeze. The finished product is a wonderful blend of form and function that looks quite attractive and keeps thing neatly organized in labeled sections. The pieces are very easy to remove from the bins and the removable trays keep everything tidy on the board during play as well if desired. I personally love this product and recommend it highly.

Super handy, a bit tricky to assemble


We've long been talking about having a better insert/system to organize the pieces for this game we love so much, so this was a great find. It arrived promptly, and really is well done. Our one complaint was the lack of clear instructions that made for slightly tricky assembly. The photos on the package were helpful, but unless you've got some experience building small models, you might have trouble getting the exact pieces to line up.

Everything did snap together well though, and we didn't need any glue to keep things held tight.

Solves the set up!


If you're like me, your excitement of opening Castles of Mad King Ludwig the first time was soon shadowed by the plethora (A PLETHORA) of plastic baggies. That's fine, if you want to take HOURS to get your game of Castles set up and put away. Or, you can get this organizer. Everything fits, everything has a home and, most importantly, it's easy to get out and play. The trays are removable so if you didn't feel like removing each component, you can just pull the trays out and place them right on the table. It's well designed, with enough punchouts and holes that even the tiniest piece is still really easy to remove from the tray, yet won't move around in the box as you transport and shelve your game.

As far as Broken Token organizers I've put together goes, this is one of the slightly more complex ones, but don't let that deter you. Just set aside some time and patience on a quiet afternoon to glue, assemble and marvel at your handiwork and before you know it, you'll be so glad you don't have thirty baggies to deal with every game.

A Slightly-Imperfect Must-Have


First time I played Castles of Mad King Ludwig, the person who owned the game had this very organizer, and I was impressed. When I bought my own copy of the game, I had to get one (especially since the game's idea of organization was a couple ziplocks in an otherwise empty box).

Lets get the negative out of the way first...

First is the same complaint I would likely have for almost every Broken Token product - lack of lids. When stored upright, pieces don't stay in their assigned trays. At a third the cost of the game itself, it's a letdown when the organizer doesn't keep things, well, organized. Transporting to-and-from games night, storing it on the shelf, I find cards and tokens sliding into the wrong spaces. I keep the money bagged because it's the worst offender for moving around.

Second issue is with the along-the-box-edge frame that the two removable trays rest upon. Something sticking out a bit at the mid-point would be a good addition, because the flexible nature of both the wood rails and the cardboard box, I find the middle tray often falls into the space beneath. Minor issue, but irritating nonetheless.

On to the positives.

First, it's a damn beautiful organizer. The etched labels for tray contents, the way "large" and "small" rooms are divided properly between the two removable trays, the open-front card storage, and that the two trays keep everything so clean (no toppled piles, no spilled cards), love it all. Having these two trays removable was pure genius, and that the not-removed frame holds things you don't need after setup was brilliant.

You need to be careful assembling the frame, and use weighted objects to hold it flat after assembly while the glue dries, or it could end up warped or lopsided, and this is one of the more difficult to assemble sets of the four I bought. But this is worth every penny. I would not play Ludwig without it.

Castles insert is a winner


My family and friends enjoy Castles of the Mad King Ludwig, and I kept all the bits and pieces in baggies to for faster setup but it was still time consuming and fiddly. Just got the Broken Token insert. The pieces are so cut so accurately they don't even need glue, it's almost like japanese joinery. Very pleased with the removable trays. Can't wait to play and enjoy!

Excellent design and construction


Of all of the organizers that I have purchased for my board games (6 so far), this one happened to be the most tightly constructed. The only loose joints I encountered were with the base portion of the design where three pieces came together into two corner joints that spanned three quarters of the box. That was resolved by a little tape, as per instructions. Given that that portion will always remain in the box, it is a complete non-issue. Beyond that, the rest of pieces fit together perfectly and tightly enough to not require any glue or tape. I expect that everything, with regular use, will remain tightly together for a long while to come and this was especially true of the two inserts.

Overall, a great organizer, that provides plenty of space for expansions (currently there is one), as long as the expansions don't venture too far off from the original game design. It certainly helps with setup and breakdown while playing the game.

Overall excellent with only one minor flaw


If I could rate this product a 4.75 I would, but since I can't I rounded up. Overall I love this insert, the quality is the same as the other insert I have from The Broken Token which is extremely high. All joints fit together snugly and keep all the pieces well organized, something Castles of Mad King Ludwig desperately needed. The only additional securing needed was on the outside corners of the larger insert that goes into the box, tape was added to make the joint more secure. I have only noticed one downside, which is that the side walls of the big insert that goes into the box could be slightly larger to hold up the other inserts better, as they have a tendency to fall down if not placed inside properly. This is minor though, and I would recommend this insert for this game greatly as it reduces setup time by at least half.

Much needed insert for a great game


Overall, I can speak very highly of this insert and would give it 4.5 stars. As with all broken token inserts, the wood is of good quality and everything fits together well. Care was taken to make sure all the little bits fit nicely with room to spare for expansions. Also makes everything accessible. Of particular note the little "cut outs" on the bottom of the compartments make it easy to "poke up" the last couple room tiles so you don't have to pry them up from above. However, I did notice a couple flaws in the design: First, I would have thought there would have been some additional dividers for the moat pieces so that they don't slide around in the bottom compartment. Secondly, the large triangular portion of the market board doesn't fit in the bottom compartment... I suspect the designers expected it would just be placed on top of everything along with the instruction book. However, there's plenty of room for it on the bottom. In fact, the "wall" that supports the component trays has a large empty area underneath. I simply cut out a small quarter-inch by 1 inch notch and was able to tuck one corner of the large triangle board into the notch and it fit flat on the bottom of the box. This to me was a design oversight. All that said, this is still an excellent product and I'm happy to own it.

Finally.. easy to put away


The worst part about this game was the set-up/tear down. Well finally that is a breeze, especially putting it away, everything has a place and no more cumbersome bags to put everything in. The minor issues already mentioned I agree with, however they are minor and don't detract from the quality overall. The game organizer is great quality, I was surprised at how nice it is. Would highly recommend.

Great insert!


This is the first insert i've bought from Broken Token. It was a bit of process putting it together. There was some shedding of the wood but the instructions were fairly self-explanatory so it's just a matter of having the time to get it done.

I'm very happy with the insert. It should cut down set up and put away by a large margin. I do have a couple of small quibbles.

1. The divider between the 600 rooms and hallway/stairs seems to be crooked as is the swan/400 room divider. Not a deal breaker by any stretch. I've combed through the instructions to make sure I did everything right and I couldn't find any mistakes.

2. On occasion the removable trays fall off the ridge that they sit on in the box. They just tilt over a bit in the box sometimes. No biggie.

Otherwise it's a fantastic addition to CoMKL. Recommend!