Castle Panic Organizer


Product Description

Before defending your castle from the evil onslaught, you'll want to slay the REAL monsters of a disorganized box and slow setup times. Enter the Castle Panic Organizer! Supporting all current expansions, there are rows of room for all your tiles with dividers to keep them in order. As an alternative, there is a large section if you prefer to store your tiles in the pouch from The Wizard's Tower expansion. Cards are stored at an angle and allow for sleeves.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Castle Panic by Fireside Games.  ©2015 The Broken Token.

Fireside Games, Castle Panic and their logo are trademark of Fireside Games, Austin, TX 78715, USA.



Great Organizer With Storage Flexibility

The organizer fits great inside the main Castle Panic box. The best part about the organizer is you have the flexibility to organize all of the pieces (base plus the three expansions) however it makes sense to you. I originally followed the example in the gallery but later found an arrangement that worked better for me. I definitely recommend this organizer, especially if you have all three of the expansion.

Very useful

Quicker setup, keeps the expansions separate, allows you to easily choose which expansions you wish to add.

Great Solution

Not my first nor my last organizer. The assembly is quick and easy. Everything has a place and is easy to get to and makes setup a breeze.

Nice insert

This organizer was what i needed for this game. Setup is now easier. Only the german gamebox ist a bit to large. Nevertheless it is a great help.

Keep calm and Panic on!

This kit is like a fun 3-D puzzle that's easy enough for kids to do. My wife, son and I had a great time assembling the pieces. You can rid your closet of those pesky expansion boxes as because it makes excellent use of the space in the original game box. I bought a kit for every board game I have and am eagerly awaiting new kits for our other games. I might have to start looking at games broken token has kits for....


This organizer is well designed for the game. It was easy to put together and works very well with this game. Very spacious and plenty of room for the various pieces. Makes the game easy to play!

First Try a Success

This was my first broken token and everything went together easily and with little trouble. All of the base set and all of the expansion easily fit in the available slot and even left room for future expansions. If I had one complaint it would be the oversized cards/tokens from the new expansions fit awkwardly. I ended up putting them under the tokens and castle pieces. So no big deal just wish they had a separate spot. Other than that this was a great buy.<br><br><br><br>RESPONSE: Glad you were able to find a space that works for you, it can be hard when expansions have different dimensions. In our perfect world game designers would ask us what their expansions should look like :D Welcome to the Broken Token Family.

Great Great

If you own the game you need the Organizer keeps everything in order and the Expansions are seamlessly added with room to grow. (hint We Want More Expansions Fireside games )


This is an extremely simple insert to assemble. No glue required as everything will be held in place by the box itself, plus it fits together quite snugly. The organizer is very flexible to let you choose how you want to organize things for quicker setup based on YOUR needs, based on the expansions. You can keep things completely separate based on expansion, or make room to keep things together if you want to have the draw tokens for various expansions all kept together (while storing the pieces from the base set that you don't use.) I have all three expansions for this so far (2017 as of writing.) And all 3 fit. Not just the tokens, pieces, standees and cards, but the board AND the instruction manuals all fit, and the box still closes completely. A fantastic solution for this game.


I'm one of those people who love playing all 3 expansions at the same time and it was such a hassle to try and dismantle everything down to the base game when playing with someone new (then combining it all again). Having everything fit in the main box in their own separate slots is beyond wonderful, and it's created more space in my game cabinet!