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Carson City Metal Coins (79)

20 Reviews

Key Features

  • Raised-edge lip for easy stacking.

Product Description

The Broken Token is proud to bring you these exclusive ultra-premium game upgrades.

These finely-minted coins are crafted from zinc and nickel with high-relief 3D detailing and a hand-buffed finish, each with a raised-edge lip for easy stacking.

FULL SET includes: 30 "$1" coins, 20 "$5" coins, and 22 "$10" coins, 6 "$20 bill" coins and 1 turn marker coin.

NOTE: This set includes the Carson City Turn Marker Coin (MCS006). There is no need to purchase both products.

      We have a very limited supply so ACT FAST!

      This is an officially licensed accessory for Carson City by Quined Games.

      Quined Games, Carson City and their logos are trademark of Quined Games B.V., Albert Einsteinstraat 26, 3261 LP Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands www.quined.nl


      Product Information

      • 30mm dia (turnmarker) | 40mm x 25mm (bill) | 30mm dia (gold) | 25mm dia (silver) | 20mm dia (copper)
      • 1.5 lbs


      • Turnmarker: 16 g
      • $20: 8 g
      • $10: 8 g
      • $5: 4 g
      • $1: .5 g

      Game Compatibility

      Excellent addition to Carson City


      They add much to game play, the $20 and 10$ in particular. (The $1 coin is a little light and small, but it is the same size as the original paper coin).

      Otherwise, the other coins have just the right weight and they look and sound great when you pile the money. They have a protective clear coat, so you don't have to wash your hands after handling the coins.

      As bonus, the turn marker is really just perfect. I was so excited to buy these coins, I didn't even bother with the Kickstarter discount code.


      Excellent Design and Quality


      Product is 5stars, less one for price but they are extremely nice. Polished brushed finish with a clear coat. We used them on 2 different games and they were great. Stackable and fun to use.
      I'd like a set with mostly 5s and 1s to use all of the time. Took the time to write a review because they're so nice!



      These coins exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Theses just improve the Carson City experience and simply makes it feel better.

      Real deal


      Exactly what you would expect/hope out of a set of metal coins. Very well made, excellently designed, satisfying to hold. Very happy to add this bit of luxury to Carson City.

      Adds to the Ambience


      These are solid coins and I am going to add them to my general coin supply to use for all types of game rather then hiding them away for just Carson City. Overly packaged to make sure they came to you without knicks. Pricey but well worth it.

      you get what you pay for


      These coins are awesome. Total impulse buy because the price was steep, but I got the Kickstarter collectors edition coming in December. The coins arrived super fast. They were expensive, but the quality was outstanding. Weighty, they were.... And they sounds good dropped in a pile. The 1$ coins were a little thin, but they are the 1$ coins after all. Now if only the game would arrive...

      Excellent coins! :)


      These coins fit perfectly with the recent deluxe components from the carson city kickstarter, giving the game a wonderful wild west feel. The coins are well made and the customer service (ease of ordering and speed of delivery) has been excellent. Highly recommend purchasing these coins from Broken Token.

      Really great product


      Came in a very well packaged box, extremely fast to post, but the actual coins themselves are great. Very fine detail, great to hold but are a little on the light side of a coin for the smaller ones. May be a concern for a few, but it was bordering OK for myself.

      Great quality


      These will be a perfect upgrade to a great game - Looking forward to playing with these.

      Great coin set for a great game.


      These coins are very nice, they should get 4 1/2 stars. The half star off is due to the penny coins being thinner than I'd like. They are still solid and the rest of the coins are nice and thick with very clear embossing. You won't be sorry with this set.

      Excellent !!


      couldn't be better ... :-)

      Outstanding !!!!


      All I want to say is WOW!!!!!
      But in the interest of a more meaningful statement.

      These metal coins I purchased to add some bling to my game Carson City are nothing short of amazing
      They really are gorgeous and have a great feel and weight to them.

      I was sceptical about the purchase due to the price but now that I have them in hand I can honestly say ...... So worth it!!!

      You need these


      Excellent coins!

      Excellent Quality Coins


      Really have nice heft and finish. Should enhance the game (when it arrives) quite a bit over the cardboard tokens.

      Great Coins


      These metal coins carry some heft and stack very well. Size and finish make denominations easy to read. They appear to have gloss coat to should protect the finish. You will get great satisfaction when the clink around in your hand. Now all we need is an official bit box to store them in.

      Beautiful production!


      After backing Carson City Big Box and playing it twice, I was certain that I wanted to bling out my copy with these coins. Love the heft of the coins and could see myself using them for other games as well. The $20 bank notes are a nice touch.

      Exquisite set of metal tokens


      This product is incredible. All the tokens are beautiful, metallic tokens finely made, of very good quality. They all could pass for real far west coins.

      Slight letdown


      The metal coins are a great addition for a great game, however, there were two detractors that made the set not quite worth the hefty price tag: 1) The $1 coins are thin, small and relatively flimsy 2) There are not as many $20 notes as are supplied in the original game so it isn't out of the ordinary to run out of $20 bills.

      Best western metal coins that you can buy!


      These coins are great!

      Great Addition to the Game


      The coins themselves are absolutely beautiful. They have great weight to them, especially the $20 coins and have a satisfactory "clink" when you shuffle them in your hand. I would highly recommend picking them up, especially if you have the Deluxe version of the game. My only complaint is that each coin came individually wrapped so I had to open 80 different packages before I could actually add them to the game.