Cargo Bag


Product Description

A rugged solution to carrying multiple game boxes, these Rothco "Military Parachute" Cargo Bags feature heavyweight canvas construction, reinforced web handles, and snap flap covered zipper.

Includes shoulder strap.

Rugged Game Transport Protection

I run a weekly board game day at a local game shop, so I'm always in need of a reliable way to transport my games from home. For a long time I used a duffel bag, but the games eventually punched a hole through it. I switched over to using a plastic tote bin, but it couldn't hold as much as my old bag and it wasn't comfortable to carry. Then I saw Broken Token offering this and I had to take a chance on it, and I'm so pleased that I did.<br><br>This bag is incredibly well made and feels like it's built to last. The material it's made of feels like it could survive a knife stab, and it most certainly can't, but I feel comfortable knowing my games won't bust a hole in this one, and that the bag and comfortably hold the weight of several games. The shape of the bag makes it easy to pack games into it both horizontally and vertically, which allows for the most space efficient packing possible. Honestly the only complaints I can even think of are it's a little pricey and it could have used a small side pocket or two. But if you're like me and you need to transport your games regularly and you want to make sure they are safe, this is a fantastic option.

bigger than it looks

I was concerned i wouldn't be able to fit my pathfinder adventure card game box but it fit in this perfectly fine AND THEN SOME. This is a heavy canvas so feels very very sturdy and with PACG, forbidden desert, betrayal at house on the hill, i've still got almost half the bag still available to hold other games. Spacious, sturdy, will stand up to some splashes of water but don't soak it of course. Definitely solved my boardgame carrying problem.<br><br>RESPONSE: It's like the TARDIS of canvas bags isn't it? I personally don't know what I did before this bag! Glad you are enjoying it too. <br>Game On My Friend - Aminda Customer Satisfaction Meeple

Big enough for a coffin box


And honestly that is probably the perfect size. That means two square boxes side by side as well. Sturdy material that works quite well. The only issue is the strap is not padded and the connectors on the straps sometimes get undone when I set it down. I will be looking for either a pad for the strap or just a new strap.