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Card Game Card Sleeves (100)

SKU: MDG-7041

Product Description

Fits Cards of This Size: 2.5" x 3.5" (63.5 x 88 mm)

  • Card game sized card sleeves
  • Clear polypropylene
  • Archival safe
  • Acid free - no pvc

Each pack of sleeves includes 100 sleeves.

Examples of cards that this sleeve will fit: A Game of Thrones LCG™, Dominant Species™, and Race for the Galaxy™, etc.

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Very Pleased :)

These protectors are some of the best I've found for the price. I used several bags to protect my copy of "Legendary". I also like how they're color-coded by size so I can identify them by their thumbnail image on the site.

Good for the Price

I ordered 8 packs of these (800 sleeves total), and about 18 of the sleeves were cut improperly/misshapen, so it wasn't that bad. I am still able to shuffle the cards adequately by splitting the decks in half and sifting each half into one another. The sleeves have a slippery feel when first handling (that I'm sure will go away after rounds of play).<br><br>All in all, they get the job done.

Great value

These aren't quite as thick as the fantasy flight sleeves but they still feel good and you can't beat the price.

Perfect for Dead of Winter!

These worked perfectly. We got these sleeves for Dead of Winter, and they fit perfectly. I bought four packs (400 total sleeves) and didn't have any misshapen ones. We also have the Broken Token organizer for the game, and all of the cards fit perfectly with all the cards sleeved. I love it!!

Great Sleeves

I bought these to sleeve Legendary Encounters - Predator and was completely satisfied. I bought 800 but only needed 700. There were zero defects among the 700 I used. Shuffling is very easy with sleeves and they still fit perfectly into my organizer. Great Sleeves especially for the price.

Great Sleeve Fits Perfect

I used these sleeves for Firefly and they work great. they perfectly cover the card (including top edge). The only thing is they are very slick. Will get better with a little wear I am sure. Highly recommend especially at the price point!