Carcassonne Organizer


Product Description

Much like the fortified, French town, you want to keep your tiles, tokens and pieces "walled in" and protected in your box! Our Carcassone organizer holds the base game and many expansions (please refer to product images and below* for which expansions we have in ours). Seven rows for your tiles and the eight adjustable dividers let you keep your expansions separated. The two removable token trays hold meeples, abbots, wagons, barns, shepherds, tower pieces, a dragon, and more! Extra space above the tiles allows for other expansion pieces (like a bag of sheep).

* Photo includes the base set, The Abbott, Abbey & Mayor, Hills & Sheep, The River, The Tower, and The Dragon & The Princess, with room for more!

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Great insert, holds a ton!

Put together this insert tonight in about an hour, spent another two reboxing all of my various tile sets into the base game box. The box now contains:<br><br>Base Game<br><br>River<br><br>River 2<br><br>Cult, Siege and Creativity<br><br>Abbey & Mayor<br><br>Inns & Cathedrals<br><br>King & Scout<br><br>The Mini Expansion<br><br>The Princess & the Dragon<br><br>The Tower<br><br>Traders & Builders<br><br><br><br>It's pretty full with all of that in there, but it's all sorted nicely, and I probably have room for one more small expansion.<br><br><br><br>Be warned, neither the Catapult or the cardboard Tower dispenser will fit in the box.

Works with the old, not with the new...

Buyer beware! This organizer most likely fits well in the older Rio Grande Carcassonne boxes, but it does not fit the new versions or reprints by Z-Man Games. It's about one sheet of Broken Token's wood too long (3mm), and it will destroy your box trying to cram it in. Tested in three different boxes - Z-Man's Carcassonne Hunters & Gatherers, South Seas, and Gold Rush.<br><br><br><br>Complete inability to use my purchase aside, I'm of mixed opinions on the design. The design does maximize tile storage to fit many expansions, the dividers are helpful, and fit well while laying flat. But the dividers can be prone to coming loose if stored vertically (unless glued in), and there is enough empty space between them and the box's lid that they can completely unseat themselves. The tile trays are again great for flat storage, but if stored vertically the tray walls are a little short in height, and every eight or ninth tile has the potential to slip between the divider slots and jam up inside the box, or slide into the wrong tray area. Similarly, there is no lid for whichever of the meeple trays you place on top, and with the overall design not being 100% of the box's height, pieces will fall our of place if stored upright on a shelf.<br><br><br><br>As a boardgamer with over 100 boxes on my shelf, every game is stored upright on-edge - not flat - and transported to game days in that same manner. Ultimately, this organizer does less to keep things in place than the cardboard insert and plastic bags that come with the game. Which is a shame, because if it worked properly, this design would border on pure genius. If redesigned ever so slightly to fix the problems for upright use and for Z-Man edition sizing, I would definitely consider purchasing the redesign for each and every version of Carcassonne I have. But as the design is now, not a big fan.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>Response** Please contact us at so we can resolve the issues you are having.<br><br><br><br>Thank you!

Even the Catapult fits \o/

It feels so good to take 3 boxes and condense them down into one, organized box. Was super happy to see that even the Catapult fit with the little notches. I had brought myself to accept that the catapult would be tethered to the outside of the box, but nope, you were smarter than me!

Absolutely Perfect! A+++++

The Carcassonne organizer is simply amazing! It perfectly holds the base game in addition to most (if not all) of the expansions. As with all of the Broken Token's products, this organizer is incredible quality and relatively easy to assemble. Highly recommend! A++++++++

Reclaim Shelf Space and Have Everything at Your Fingertips

The insert took less than an hour to assemble, and I managed to squeeze in<br><br><br><br>The base game<br><br><br><br>5 medium box expansions<br><br>Abbey & Mayor<br><br>Inns & Cathedrals<br><br>Bridges, Castles, and Bazaars<br><br>Traders & Builders<br><br>Princess and the Dragon<br><br><br><br>3 mini expansions<br><br>The River<br><br>The Count<br><br>The King (Scout went to live in the Hunters box)<br><br><br><br>I freed up a good amount of shelf space by discarding the expansion boxes, and now when we take the game out it's going to be so much easier to see all the expansions at a glance and decide which to include.<br><br><br><br>This is the most useful $23 I've ever spent on a game accessory!