Blood Rage Organizer


Product Description

Be prepared for Ragnarök with our official Blood Rage organizer and keep your game from ending up in Valhalla!  Our most ambitious project to-date, the Blood Rage organizer not only holds all of the game contents, expansions and Kickstarter exclusives, but does it in a way that painted miniatures are protected during storage and travel.  Each miniature is suspended by it's base so it does not come in contact with other miniatures.  Each clan has its own player tray engraved with the official clan logo and name.  Separate trays hold the monsters and gods miniatures.

In addition to protecting your game, our Blood Rage organizer will tremendously cut down on setup and teardown times leaving you more time to vanquish your foes!

2017 Origins Award Winner for Best Game Accessory and Fan Favorite

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Blood Rage by CMON, LLC.  

CMON, LLC, Blood Rage and their logos are trademarks of CMON, LLC, 1290 Old Alpharetta Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30005.

Good idea but dissapointing

Finished assembling my divider this weekend. Overall a good idea, but has some flaws. <br><br><br><br>As stated by another reviewer, there is no place for the dwarf with a spear monster. This is not shown in any of the product pictures. A cutout in the middle of the monster box that holds him horizontal would be acceptable, but it would sacrifice some of the other slots for potential expansions. <br><br><br><br>I also don't like that Odin is free floating in the Gods box. If he were attached to his chair, he would not fit at all. This is shown in the product pictures, so not unexpected.<br><br><br><br>Some of the clans (namely the Ravens and their spears) are very difficult to arrange in the clan box. This is not shown in any of the product pictures and some of the clan leaders clan symbols on a pole are being pushed at odd angles by either being next to a wall or other figures. More pictures of the correct sequencing of figures would be appreciated.<br><br><br><br>Also one of my clan logos on the boxes does not appear fully engraved. I understand there is some variability in the laser cutting process to be expected, but it is a $45 divider...<br><br><br><br>I will still continue to buy Broken Token dividers, but for this game, I had purchased the Go7Gaming version prior to Broken Token's release and am considering switching back. I would suggest investigating the pros and cons of both dividers before making a choice for anyone interested.

Doesn't Live Up To Its Potential

So I purchased this organizer because I had heard good things about BT products and because it had room for all the KS items with had a unique way of holding the pieces so that they would not get damaged when painted. The product that I received was packaged nicely and went together fairly easily by referencing the video and provided sheet. The one hangup that I experienced was it is possibly to put the gods & smaller monster box together backwards, so the only way the lid fits on is with the text facing inwards. Thankfully I caught it before the glue had dried to much and was able to disassemble it with out damaging the box to much. A warning/notice would have been nice in the video or sheet to have been aware of this possibility. <br><br><br><br>After I had put together the organizer and started to put the pieces away is when I started to come across this organizer's issues. First, is that for many of the troop holders, the cross pieces that are used to hold the pieces down are too loose so that they just fall out dumping the pieces across the table when tipping them up to put in the box. I tried to bend the smaller "fingers" over a bit to try to get a better grip with very little success. I'm hesitant to do more lest they break and feel that fussing them should not be necessary as they were added to help keep a tight fit from loosening over time. The other lids all have nice tight fits and with other parts being snug when being assembled, it is odd that one thing that needs have a nice tight fit doesn't. Thankfully the troop boxes can fit horizontal, which helps alleviate the issue; but increases set up because you can no longer just pull the clan you want with out having to possibly dig for it.<br><br><br><br>The second issue I found is that the smaller monster box does not have room for the spear holding KS Dwarf Chieftain, which is to large for the box. The only option is to keep him loose in the box or toss him in the box with the Ragnarök Tokens. Its disappointing because of the mentioned selling points of having room for the KS items and not having the pieces loose. Looking at all the current images for the organizer, it appears to have all the KS items except for the additional monsters, one of which has the issue.<br><br><br><br>The third issue is with how the large monsters are being held. The mechanism is done via a series of wooden "clips" that hold the base of the mini, and not due to a "spring loaded tensioning system" as mentioned in the tour video. The issue is that the way it is currently designed has me worried that they may be prone to breaking if care is not taken. As it is, I heard what sounded like wood giving away when I was carefully inserting one of the monster pieces in. It does not appear to be broken but I'm now worried that it will give out some time down the line.<br><br><br><br>All in all the organizer had a lot of thought put into it, looks nice and will help out keep organized. Unfortunately there are some issues that make it fail to meet its potential and what is being advertised.<br><br><br><br>Response: Please contact us so we may send replacements for the loose clan tops. We are also looking into a future update to better support the KS Dwarf Chieftain. Regarding the wooden clips holding the monsters, they should stand up to normal usage. If you run into a problem with one down the line, just contact us via email.