Blood Rage Organizer

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Key Features

  • Six player/clan trays with engraved logos
  • Two large monster trays, 1 small monster tray, 1 gods tray, 2 token trays, 1 tabletop card holder
  • Supports sleeved and unsleeved cards

Product Description

Be prepared for Ragnarök with our official Blood Rage organizer and keep your game from ending up in Valhalla!  Our most ambitious project to-date, the Blood Rage organizer not only holds all of the game contents, expansions and Kickstarter exclusives, but does it in a way that painted miniatures are protected during storage and travel.  Each miniature is suspended by it's base so it does not come in contact with other miniatures.  Each clan has its own player tray engraved with the official clan logo and name.  Separate trays hold the monsters and gods miniatures.

In addition to protecting your game, our Blood Rage organizer will tremendously cut down on setup and teardown times leaving you more time to vanquish your foes!

2017 Origins Award Winner for Best Game Accessory and Fan Favorite

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Blood Rage by CMON, LLC.  

CMON, LLC, Blood Rage and their logos are trademarks of CMON, LLC, 1290 Old Alpharetta Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30005.

Product Information

  • 11.68" x 11.72" x 3.99"
  • 3.9 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

Supports Expansions:
  • 5th-Player Expansion
  • Gods of Asgard
  • Mystics of Midgard
  • Hili Promo
  • Kickstarter Exclusives

Product Notes:

We want you to be aware of a few minor concerns.  

  • The Odin figure will have to store loosely in one of the boxes.  If he is not glued to the throne, there is nothing in which to clamp him into place.  If he is glued to the throne, he will be too large to clamp into the tray and will have to sit loose.
  • The KS Dwarf Chieftain with tall spear is slightly too large for the monster box.  He may be stored in the Wolfman space, and the Wolfman may be placed in the Monsters box.

The best for the kickstarter


A few months ago I managed to get the blood rage kickstarter and with this organizer all the content can be transported, I did not find any problem and I recommend it for the collectors.

Easily one of my favorite inserts.


This is an amazing utilization of innovation and creativity to maximize the space available while protecting the components. Everything fits just right, needed minimal glue for this, one of my clan boxes was very loose, but not bad overall. Only have 2 complaints, when I sleeved my cards they puffed up above the tray and without covers they can fall out. 2nd complaint is the painful reminder that I am missing the wildboar clan every time I move that empty box around... :P

Excellent design


The design for holding the minis in place in their boxes works very well. The little boxes fit in the game box very well. It was easy to assemble.

Great Product for Kickstarter Backers


I really like this, but I didn't back the project on kickstarter. Now I have 2 pieces that are only there for structural support and will remain empty. Can't complain too much though since everything else is perfect!

Great Organizer


This insert is amazing. It makes set-up a breeze. Handing a player a box that has all of their miniatures, bases and tokens is incredibly efficient.

The layout in the box is a thing of beauty. The board is held perfectly in place, and after removing the game board the rest of the insert looks perfect.

Great product


Love it! Everything fits in the base game box, even the sleeved cards! I used a nail file on some edges to prevent splinters

Well Designed and Visually Impressive Organizer (with some notes for miniature painters)


I must marvel at the skills required to organize all the pieces of a board game, and then design a system for holding all those pieces inside the original box. Not only that, but to also accomplish this feat with such an aesthetically pleasing look such as what is offered in the simple and elegant woodburned boxes. I bought foam inserts for other games, and even tried my hand at making my own inserts out of foam core. However each of these pale in comparison to this organizer. I am so impressed with the Broken Token organizer that I've considered adding another board game to my collection just for an excuse to get another BT organizer.

The instructions were clear, and building the boxes was simple and enjoyable (if you enjoy arts & crafts like I do). As an owner of the retail version of Blood Rage, there was more than enough room to hold my pieces. The boxes for the Kickstarter exclusives still need to be included in order to make everything fit as intended, but the only major drawback there for me is that it makes me wish I had known about Blood Rage when the campaign was running so that I would have been able to fill them with the other miniatures. I'm sure I'll find a use for the extra boxes besides gazing longingly and thinking of wolfman and his friends though.

Most of the pieces are held safely and securely in place. I say most because there are a couple of caveats for me. The tabs which hold the large monsters scratched off some of the paint around the base of my Frost Giant. However, this could be because I didn't put enough lacquer/varnish (hardcoat) around the edges of my painted base. I haven't repainted and refinished the base to test this theory yet, but I'm confident that a few extra layers of varnish will do the trick. I only mention this to inform anybody like me who paints their figures that they may want to throw on an extra coat or two of hardcoat since this issue is one of my own creation and not one inherent to the Broken Token organizer.

On that same token (hehe...pun), I also added some terrain effects to a few of my miniature bases (sand, grass, snow, etc). The slits which hold the pieces in the boxes are intended to fit the original bases of the miniatures, and so some miniatures with a base built up by terrain effects may be difficult to fit into the organizer. For the clan-related pieces this is not an issue as you can simply leave the colored rings on each piece, and they should fit nicely into the inserts. However monsters/gods may give you some difficulty if the base is built up too high around the edges. For me the Frost Giant was again the main perpetrator. I have done a little bit of modification on my snow effects and also my box in order to create a proper angle at which to store the giant. I had a small monster with a similar issue, but was able to rotate it so that a part of the base that was less built up could slide into the insert. Again, this is a result of my own modifications to the game pieces and does not affect the quality of the wonderful Broken Token organizer.

My tip for anybody that still wants to use battlefield snow, mourn mountain snow, or any other terrain fleck/effect on their miniatures is to use it sparingly near the edges in order to leave enough of a lip to slide into the organizer and keep any large effects like rocks or bushes closer to center in order to ensure a proper fit. Also don't forget that exposed edges of painted bases will probably require an extra layer or two of varnish to avoid scratching your paint job.

All in all this is an excellent product which I would enthusiastically recommend to anybody who owns Blood Rage, whether you be a retail owner or a lucky Kickstarter version owner. Being my first experience with Broken Token I can safely say that I am certainly looking forward to more products of this level of quality from them in the future.

Good insert, but makes you want to stain it


This is a great box insert, it takes a bit to learn how to load up the troops but its worth it. The only problem can be if your large mini's base starts to warp. It does cry out for a stain and lacquer though.

Amazing space saver


I absolutely love this product models fit great makes all the Kickstarter stuff fit in the box (wouldn't believe it till I saw it myself haha) the only gripe I have is the dwarf with the spear and Odin not really having a place to fit. I wish that was thought out a little better and didn't feel forgotten about.

Faster Setup and Space Saving


Huge mini games than CMON are known for should all get Broken Token inserts. It makes the game so much easier to setup. In Blood Rage, just give every player an army box, lay out the board and start playing. It's so much faster to get started now. Also, everything easily fits inside the box. I only have the 5th player expansion and no kickstarter extras or expansions, but there is a space for everything here.

I was a bit skeptical of the wooden lid tops but haven't had any problems yet so they've won me over. The only other thing of note is that there is a potential scraping of painted bases of your figures since your armies slide a base into a small slot to hold them in place, but I haven't noticed any damage to my figures yet.

Great use of space


I purchased this organizer because I needed a better storage solution after I decided to sleeve my cards. The original insert did not allow adequate storage for sleeved cards, but this does, and then some.

I did have to glue some loose connections during the construction, but there was no major setbacks when putting it together.

Although, this organizer is overkill if you only have the core set (like me). It does give a lot more room for the expansions, which I am looking into acquire so that my organizer does not look so bare.

Get this if you want a better way to organize your set. It may not be worth it if you do not plan to get the expansions.

Love it!


Would've given this insert 6 stars, but I have empty trays due to not having the KS exclusives. Stained mine a nice light cherry colored!

Outstanding and Innovative Product


OK. This is the cleverest and intelligent box design I have ever seen from Broken Token. I love this organizer. It holds all of my expansions and Kickstarter exclusives with almost no issue. There were some bits on the Clan boxes that were loose but a $1 tube of Super Glue fixed that pretty much instantly. All of my Minis are protected; the large ones are the coolest design. They just snap in an out and are very secure in their holders. If you have expansions and Kickstarter exclusives from Blood Rage, BUY THIS NOW!!! RIGHT NOW!!! Great product and Broken Token has, once again, exceeded my expectations.

must have


simple, this is a MUST HAVE!

Very clever solution


There are some very clever folks at The Broken Token - this is a very neat solution, priced appropriately.

I am very happy that I made the change from the previous solution I owned from another company.

Must Have Despite Few Small Issues


Blood Rage is a fantastic game, with a lot of add-ons that only increase it's replayability, but along with those comes the hassle of figuring out a way to transport everything. Without something like this product I was left carrying everything around in a bag specifically for all of the add-ons. This makes everything much easier to transport and keeps things well organized. I am much more likely to bring this game to a game night now that I am able to carry everything within the box. The only negatives are that a few of the pieces either fit too loose to be secure without glue or tape, or are so tight that they are difficult to assemble. However, none of them were so badly fitted to make them unusable and I would go so far as to say this is a must have product if you have all of the add-ons.

RESPONSE: thanks for your review! And making sure games get the table more often is why we do what we do!! Please remember that if at any time a piece simply does not work to let us know, we backup all our products.

Game On my Friend

It does not hold the armies well


This was the eighth insert I had bought from broken token and I have always been very satisfied until now . For the most part the insert looks great work however the functionality of the pieces that hold the armies in place do not work . They won't hold the figures in one place and fall out as soon as you stand it up in the box for storage. My friends and I spent more time trying to place the figures in the case than setting up of the game . This would be the one insert I would not recommend .

Response: Please contact our customer service department so we can help!

Cool, but adds to setup/take down time...


First off, I'm a huge supporter of the Broken Token and I've purchased many, many organizers from them (7 or so). The Broken Token makes amazing products and for the most part, their organizers enhance my board gaming experiences. Blood Rage is an amazing game so when I heard the Broken Token made an organizer, I jumped all over it. As always, this organizer is well made, holds all components including the expansions, and fits perfectly in the box. However, this organizer greatly adds to the setup time, because each individual tray must be removed from the box to access the game's components. Each tribe's characters have a beautiful tray that securely holds each warrior, but that tray must be removed from the box and then each warrior must be removed from the tray (so on and so forth) and it just ends up adding a lot to the setup time. Previously, I just kept each tribe (and their components) in a bag, which would allow me to simply dump the components out onto my playmat. It might not have looked as pretty, but I simply dumped out the bag and I was basically done. The same goes with the monsters in the game. They have a beautiful tray that displays/holds them securely, but it ultimately just adds to the setup time.

Most other organizers (for other games) not only organize the components (duh), but decrease the setup/take down time and allow quick access to game components throughout the game. Despite being a very beautiful, sturdy organizer that does indeed organize, the Blood Rage organizer greatly adds to the setup/take down time and at a $45 cost, I personally wouldn't recommend it. I gave the organizer 3 stars because it is very well made, its beautiful, it fits perfectly in the box, etc. etc. etc. but due to it adding a lot of unnecessary time to setup/take down and due to the cost, I couldn't bring myself to give my normal 5 star rating.

If this organizer was more affordable (and yes, I know with production, design, paying people, etc. it probably can't be cheaper) then I probably would have given it at least 4 if not 5 stars regardless of the extended setup time. Anyway, the Broken Token makes great stuff and there was definitely some thought put into the beautiful design of this organizer, but for the first time (out of the 7 or so organizers I've purchased), this organizer doesn't meet my needs. Blood Rage is not a very long game and setup is usually pretty quick. I felt that this organizer (unfortunately) added way too much time to a normally quick setup. I don't need a tray to display my miniatures. I need a tray to enhance the actual gaming experience.

Response: We have a few pointers. Hand the clan tray to the player at the beginning of the game. There is no need to take all of them out of the tray. The player should remove the mini as they need it and place it on the board. The same can be done with all the monster and gods trays. Many of them may not be used during a game, so no need to remove them. It should definitely be fast to setup/teardown with our organizer. Feel free to contact us with any other questions!

Get everything in one box


The slats to hold the figures in the clan boxes were all loose and then I realized that replacement slats had already been provided as an extra and these fit perfectly. An excellent design overall and would highly recommend to anyone with a full Kickstarter pledge.

Easier to please, I guess, I love this.


I think this insert is terrific, a great design, and well constructed. The fit on mine was close to magical.

My only quibble would have been that you identify the upside/downside of the Gods/Small Monsters boxes bases, or at least, put a caution in the instructions. I also should have noticed. I got 50% lucky. One I got right, and one, the Small Monsters box now says Monsters on the inside.

Response: Thank you for the feedback. We've updated the design to include a marking on the top-side of the monster and gods box.

Awesome. Must Get


This the best organizer that you can find for Blood Rage if you have the game. There is no other organizer that will look as good or fit as perfect as this one. Everything fits in the box. Perfect solution for this game.

Only 2 issues that is a problem with this item.

- The shipping is a little expensive.

- The storage method for the small monsters & Gods of Asgard is an issue. One piece (spear-holding dwarf chieftain, the God with the hammer and Odin doesn't fit too well into the box. A little disheartening but better than nothing.

Great organizer


Very good organizer for a game with such diverse pieces. To get them all organized and to fit in the box as good as it does is as good as I could imagine it to get. I now want to bring it out not only to play but to show off the new inserts.

Truly an impressive feat


I cannot imagine the work it took to design this insert. Would NEVER go without it. Going from 5 boxes down to 1 (albeit heavy) box,? Yes, please! :)

Fantastic Product


This product is extremely impressive. The wood burned clan names/logos and labels really add to the coolness factor. I absolutely love that I can fit all of the KS exclusives in a single box! My only complaint is that the wood "springs" that hold the large monsters seem very fragile. I'm always nervous when taking these monsters in and out, and feel like they may break at any moment. Hopefully not though!

Love this product and would highly recommend to anyone with the game!

Amazing Engineering!!!


The way these inserts are engineered is absolutely amazing (and you can trust me on that, I'm an engineer). :)

I was extremely impressed with the thought that was put into each container, and to the overall fit of the container into the box. Each piece fit perfectly, and the design has impressive tolerances (I'm talking 1/16" or less on the loose pieces in the box people . . . . that's some good planning).

If you own Blood Rage already, you know how beautiful the sculpting is on the figures. If you're like me, you are looking forward to painting these figures. The insert by Broken Token here will keep those paint jobs safe by securing each figure no matter what orientation the box is in.

Highly recommend this product. You will love it.