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Why Board Games are Better than Video Games

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In the last couple of years, video games have become incredibly popular. Not only have they become a frequent addition to most homes, but they are also being widely studied, with the findings of these studies going directly to other progressive movements with technologies. At the Broken Token we definitely get our fair share of video games in, but we also can’t seem to lose sight of the underlying benefits that board games offer us.

If you’re not entirely convinced on that, here are a few of the reasons that board games will always be number one in our hearts.


There is quite a bit of strategy that goes into video games too, but one of the reasons that board games will forever be more challenging is because there’s no possible way to solve every outcome. The games that we sell pieces for at The Broken Token very much require each player, and each character that they create, to find their own solutions. Even when the same player, and even the same character, go through the game more than once, the outcome always seem to vary. This allows for the game to remain fun and challenging even as time goes on.

Role Play

Aside from the fact that they’re always challenging, board games truly allow for you to get into the role of a character. Of course you can pick the car that you’re driving in a video game, or even the armor that you wear into battle, hey, sometimes you’re even lucky enough to pick your own number on your soccer jersey, but board games are different. In the ever famous Dungeons and Dragons, you create a story all of your own, and that makes your character that the time that you spend playing the game, incredible. This is an experience that a video game will never be able to provide you and a feature that leaves board games exciting all at the same time.


I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of moments where we snap and find ourselves yelling at someone that is half our age over the headset. If you have, then you’re very familiar with the feeling of disappointment and absolute loss of pride. Of course, the frustration that it takes to get to that point is a part of the video game world, but the energy and excitement that comes into play when diving into the world of a board game is uncomparable. When you spend time with a group of people that are equally as passionate about the game and story as you are, then you find you and your friends getting more and more excited and involved along every step of the game.


Something that can become stagnant with video games is the story and the game itself. Overtime, you begin to memorize the map, get tired of the story that they’ve created and then you’re simply stuck with it until the next one comes out. Sure that’s great if you’re trying to get the same high-score, but one of the reasons that board games are so much better than video games is because the story is up to you to write. You are able to evolve the game and the outcome as you choose, which makes it nearly impossible to get tired of!

Of course there are perks to every game that you play, but there’s no doubt that The Broken Token will always have board games at the forefront of our heart. If you’re in need of any pieces for your board games, make sure to check out the selection that we have and place your order online today!

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