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The Broken Token and Your FLGS

Posted by Tiffany on

FLGS - /eff · ell · gee · ess/ n. 1. Friendly Local Game Store 2. a great place to shop and play

Did you know that Broken Token organizers can be found (and subsequently purchased) in at least 21 US states and 8 countries? (That we know of!) Not only can you find our products online in  our store, on Amazon, and eBay, but if you need an organizer quickly, or want to see it in person, visiting your FLGS might just be a great option for you.

If your FLGS doesn't carry our products, be sure to let them know that they can! It just takes a few minutes.

And if you are your FLGS, well, we'd love to work with you! We sell directly to retailers, as well as work with some distributors who help us get our products out to an even bigger audience. (Contact us for more details on distribution.)

Working directly with us is easy! It only takes a quick email or  phone call to Ashley, filling out a few papers, and you'll be set to stock our products in your store.

Organizers and accessories from The Broken Token make great additions to the purchase of a game, and are a unique gift option for anyone looking to buy something for the gamer who has it all.

Let's work together to rid the world of little plastic baggies, and provide a more elegant game organization solution to the gamers of the world!

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