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Games to Play on Tabletop Day 2017 - Part 3

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We’ve been covering some incredible tabletop games that any board game lover should be looking into. If you’re just joining us, then jump back to a few blog posts ago where we covered the upcoming Tabletop Day of 2017, happening on April 29th. We have definitely gone through a few different games, but we aren’t done yet. Check out the games we’ve got below and make sure that any tabletop game event you’re hosting at your house is one that people will remember.


Most tabletop games have a common factor of resource management and land development incorporated into them, but Takenoko takes this factor and puts a unique and fun twist on it. There are three different goals that the players can choose from, but the overall challenge of the game is to create a garden that can maintain and manage the bamboo growth needed. As the groundskeeper, each player is met with a variety of challenges and goals that require strategy and skill. What makes this game a great one for your tabletop event is that it is perfect for players of all skill ranges. You can expect to challenge players who have plenty of experience working with strategy and skill in games that look for resource management, but since there are more than one challenge to choose from, players who are just starting out can also get a grip on the rules and really even out the playing field.

The Captain is Dead

Well, if the title doesn’t make you a little bit nervous for the storyline of this tabletop game, then you’re the perfect player! This is a surprisingly challenging game that provides a twist on common science fiction narratives. The goal of players is to try and use a variety of skills, logic and resources to try and fix the engine of your ship before your crew is overwhelmed and completely destroyed by the ships of your enemies. One of the reasons that we love this game, especially for Tabletop Day, is because it switches up the usual dynamic of players being against one another. Rather, this game challenges all of the players to be against the game and work with one another to find an answer to the issue at hand. It’s a great one to play with people of varying skill levels or those with varying levels of experience. In fact, this is one of the better games to play towards the beginning of your game night so that everyone that is new can warm up, and those that have played tabletop games for a while can experience a new challenge. While this is a game that new players can enjoy, the challenge remains and it can become pretty difficult, don’t doubt that.

Now, these aren’t the only games that we enjoy playing on Tabletop Day, but they are ones that you should consider if you’re going to host an event at your house. Each of them offers something different and can work with varying levels of player. The Broken Token is excited to provide a wide selection of board game organizer pieces and supplies so that you can maintain the incredible quality of all these board games long after Tabletop Day has passed. If you’re a new player that winds up at one of these events and start investing in your own games, you’ll see that these pieces are incredibly useful and that most veteran players will also have the card sleeves and organizing compartments for their games. Whether you’re the host or a new player, make sure to check out the discounted offers that will be happening on April 29th and 30th here at The Broken Token.

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