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Reasons that Role Play Games are Great

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Games that require you to get a little creative and take on the role of a character are becoming quite popular, but for some, the stigma of role play and games that promote that is something that keeps them from trying it out. At The Broken Token, we love any chance that we are given to play a game that requires character play, and for a few reasons.

It’s Different

Our team loves games, of all sorts and kinds, but when it comes down to what we really want to spend time playing, they’re these character roles that we become attached to, in a way that does almost seem personal. They’re different from your typical board game, but what’s even better is that they come down to different outcomes. It’s pretty incredible that no two times of a role playing game will ever end up the same, which really makes the time that you’re playing the game, and the time that you’re spending with those individuals, very special and entirely unique.

It’s Challenging

Sure, Monopoly is really difficult, but not because it’s actually a challenging game to play. Maybe finding a way to sit through a full game without pulling out your hair is hard, but being able to play a game that actually challenges you to develop a character, and strategize with that in mind, is absolutely incredible. When you play these games you wind up challenging yourself so much more and rely on yourself, and your character, to achieve the outcome that you want.

Social Components

Games are fun to play because they provide a social interaction and component that other activities don’t. In the case of role play games, you are able to tell a story, and hear a story, in a method similar to a book. The main difference here is that you get to take that story to a new level and interact with other people that are in the story as well. With that, you get to enjoy social interactions and enjoy human interaction while doing something that is fun and enjoyable. This is something that certain games, like video games, can lack. Of course they’re fun for a given point of time, but if you dedicate all of your time to playing them, you do wind up losing that human interaction.


It goes without saying that imagination is a huge part of role play games, and it’s one of our favorite benefits. This is something that we absolutely love about playing the games, but even more so, we love that people’s minds are benefiting from the creativity factor of these games. With the additional piece of having to create a story along the way, people often find that they develop creative skills that they may have never had prior. Creativity is pretty hard to work on when as an adult, since we really have to set aside the time to develop those skills. This is a new and easy way to develop those skills, as well as social skills, and enjoy the time you’re spending too.

These are only a few of the reasons that we absolutely love playing role playing games, but they aren’t all of them. If you haven’t tried playing a game before, find a friend that has and give a whirl. It’s going to be so different from anything else you’ve tried, we’re sure that you’ll love it.

Find all of the additional pieces that you need to keep your games organized and easy to take on the go. The Broken Token is always posting new content for you to check out, be it big sales and events going on, or just a few pieces of advice or information that could help you take a step towards a new type of game, we’re always here to help! 

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