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So You Fell in Love on International Tabletop Day

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Another International Tabletop Day has come and gone, and here you are madly in love. No, it’s not with someone new, it’s with something new. You’ve gone to your first Tabletop Day event and you can’t stop thinking about the next time that you’ll be able to get in a group and play some of those games. Well, join the club! For all of us at The Broken Token, and hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, tabletop games are a passion, and one that we don’t always take lightly. The games that you’ve been exposed to are ones that challenge you to think harder, strategize, create solutions, come up with plans, create new characters, and tell stories; how could you not fall in love with all of that? But now that this international day is done, what are the next steps to following your new love? Well, here are a few from The Broken Token so that you can get this new love under control.

Learn About The Game

Owning games of this type can usually be a process, but it isn’t one that we aren’t glad to make. Most of the games that you played on Tabletop Day likely didn’t require you to come up with an incredibly drawn up story, and while they may not have, others that spike your interest may require that. When you’re considering getting into a game, especially some of the more time consuming ones like World of Warcraft or Dungeons and Dragons, you should really take some time to see what all goes into the game and what it will require of you. The starter kits for these games can range quite a bit too, so learn what you’re going to need before investing.

Find a Group to Play With

As you may have realized on Tabletop Day, this love of the game is one that many people have, and being able to share in on the fun is something that makes this such an incredible pastime. If you have friends that play the games you’re interested in learning, then set aside a time to learn more about the game, or ask if you can join in on one of the game nights that’s coming up on their schedule. These communities are always so welcoming to newcomers and will help you learn along the way. They’re also one of the best parts of this new found love you have. You’ll probably meet some of your best friends in this new community!

Take Good Care

When you do finally make the big investments of the game, you’re going to want to take care of them. This will go for when you’re playing, and when you’re just storing. The last thing that you need is for this huge investment that you’ve made to wind up damaged, and that’s where The Broken Token comes in. We are passionate about gaming and got tired of game pieces being damaged or lost, and so we created the various game organizers that would be needed to keep all of the pieces in incredible condition. You can find all that you need and more when you browse our selection, but this is something that we suggest all tabletop gamers, old and new, invest in. You will be glad you did when you’re still able to open up your game and enjoy cards and pieces that look good as new. Browse our selection and make sure to reach out to us if you have any questions, like we said, this community is one that is excited to have you in it!

Play on!

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