Review Highlight: Undead Winter Organizer - The Broken Token
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Review Highlight: Undead Winter Organizer

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We wanted to take a moment to highlight a customer review written for our Undead Winter organizer, compatible with Dead of Winter.  They do an excellent job of explaining the advantages of a Broken Token insert for people who may be on the fence about ordering.  Thank you "m" for the review!

TL;DR: This kit is amazing. Buy it. You don't know what you're missing until it's assembled and in the box. BK's products seem to be of extremely high quality.

Longer bit:

One of the challenges of this golden age of boardgaming are the sheer number of pieces, card decks, and bits and bobs. While most people don't feel like spending another 30$ on an already-40-60$ game is worth it, they don't know what they're missing when you have a game with this many pieces.

Nothing dampens the vibe of playing a fun game than opening a box and having stuff be EVERYWHERE. "Oh joy, we get to clean everything up and then play in 20 minutes" <fun gets sucked out of the room temporarily>.

This is particularly true if you have players who 1) Have never played the game before and 2) Might be a standard gamer who hasn't played games like DoW before.

If there are a million pieces, and they are scattered around, there's a sense of impending complexity.

If there are a million pieces, and they are completely sorted and organized, there's a sense of 'There sure are a lot of pieces, but it looks well put together, I'm interested how they work together'.

Of course, you should reserve your extra dough for your those games that have the worn out box edges, those games that always get people excited, those games that you center a night around. DoW is one of those games, and this organizer/insert set is fantastic. The engraving for the cards and pieces was what really drew me in to this. I didn't see this labeling on many of the other BK's products -- I would suggest that BK consider doing this for most of it's game-specific products.

The pieces came very well cut out, and they fit very tightly together. I didn't have to use glue on most pieces, but I did just to be sure. I was pretty forceful on some joints, and I never broke a piece, so the wood appears to be pretty strong (this isn't balsa wood). I really like the color contrast of the edges of the wood when in a joint. It has a very Craftsman (the housing style) type feel to it. I used a small piece of 300+ grit sand paper to make some of the edges fit a little better, but that is part of the fun.

Instructions were very clear (graphical, with minimal text) and on a nice glossy color page.

It all fits 'just so' in the game box, and the tolerancing of the pieces is phenomenal. This is an organizer that will get a bit of 'that's awesome' when opening the box and setting the game up more-or-less instantly. Cards go back in their respective slots, and I'd even use the organizer as an 'in-game' holder of cards if need be.

The bonus 'first player' token was also a stroke of genius and was a great use of what was probably a blank space on the wood panel. Give someone a few free drinks at BK for thinking up that one. It really makes the first player much more visible at the table [whereas the game supplied one can get buried)

Overall there's nothing bad to say about this kit. Assembly did take some time, but it was fun to do, and the best part was putting all the pieces in their spots at the end of it.

Things this organizer will do:

*Aesthetics - Definitely give you a great presentation factor of the game to your players [most people have never seen these organizers before]. This helps with new players/players who aren't normally into these types of games, I feel.

*In Game Efficiency - Not only a storage solution, but an in-game piece management solution (the trays are removable and keep all the pieces together)

*Cards that are used just at the beginning [betrayer goal cards, game objective cards] are used then put back in their respective slot. [NB - the card holder does not come out of the box, but that's not a problem]. This was really what sold me beyond the other things.

*All location cards have their own slot so are a snap to shuffle and put down.

*Zombie and Character standees have separate bins!

*Setup/Teardown Efficiency - Setup and cleanup is probably able to be done on the order of 2-3 minutes. More time to have fun.

*Further customization - for the creatively-inclined, the wood is a blank canvas just begging for further customization/staining. Stain the wood dark brown, get some red paint, and go Jackson Pollack on them to give that zombie-busting blood splatter.

*Your work area will smell like a woodshop for a bit while you put the kit together [1-2 hours], and will channel your inner Ron Swanson. You might grow a mustache.

I cannot speak to longevity as I've only had it for a short time, but I expect this will last far longer than the exterior cardboard box will. [potential future product for BK here - replacement game boxes that wrap around your inserts]

So if you own DoW [which, btw, is truly an AWESOME game, and super fun], this kit is 100% worth the extra coin. 


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