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Organize Even More! Announcing Our Newest Line - Modular Paint Racks

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Sometimes products are born from the  suggestions of our customers. Sometimes they come about because of partnerships with game publishers. (And sometimes both of those.)

Other times, they're accidentally the result of us just making things we want for ourselves. Meet one of those products: our new  Modular Paint Racks.

Greg and some friends have been painting their Zombicide minis lately, and the bottles of paint were getting out of control, all over the table top. A quick trip to the computer, a prototype on the laser cutter, and an hour or so later...voila! A paint rack made to hold 38 26mm bottles of paint and 17 brushes in about a square foot of space. Then another version to hold 28 larger 35mm bottles and 17 brushes in the same footprint.

We shared some photos on social media, and the response was a resounding, "We want those, too!" 

You got it.

We've been refining the design, planning the packaging, and all the steps that go into launching a new product. Now they're ready for you to take home and organize your hobby painting space, too. (Please note that we strongly suggest gluing these. You really don't want them to fall apart and send paints everywhere.)

Multiple racks can be connected to each other to make a sturdy, longer rack. We're planning to add more options to the line before long, with some corner pieces and other bits.

Let us know what you think! Do you have ideas for other hobby painting accessories that would help you out? Comment below, or drop us a line at

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