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Imperial Settlers: The Basics

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Games that go through the process of settling and creating a successful, new plot of land are easy to fall in love with. These types of games continue to bring something new to the table, provide strategy, and allow for you to create your own rules. This game is no different in those senses, but it is different in the way that it allows for turns to take place in order for each individual to progress.

This specific settlers game is one that we definitely love playing and is highly rated for a variety of reasons. We’ll dive a little bit deeper into the basics of this game as well as the many things that make it so incredible to add to your collection.

The Basics

This game was given a 7.6 rating by the professional gamers at Board Game Geek. Some of the settler games are designed with adults in mind, but this one allows for anyone 10 years old and up enjoy an entirely new adventure. On average, this game can take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes to complete, so it isn’t one that you necessarily need to set an abundance of time aside for. It is set up for 1-4 players to play, but if you’ve got at least 2 players you can guarantee that you’ll have a great time.

The Story

This game begins with four settlers who have each just discovered a new plot of land, each with new resources and new opportunities, these settlers are now challenged to expand the boundaries and abilities of their own land. Romans, Barbarians, Egyptians and Japanese are now all working to improve their economy, train their soldiers, build crops, gather resources and, overall, become the best colony.

Things may seem like they’re going great, and as if this is going to be a standard game that challenges individuals to create a land worth settling on. As soon as things really start to get good, the colonies realize that there isn’t enough room for them all to be successful, and at that point, a war breaks loose.

Over 5 rounds of drawing cards and taking turns to expand a colony, the players are then challenged to continue to work towards becoming the best colony. This happens by taking over the land of others, scavenging their resources and ultimately taking over what land is still available.

There’s no doubt that this settlers game is one where people get competitive and challenge themselves to strategize new ways to conquer their opponents.

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We should mention, there are quite a few pieces that go into this board game, so having organizational containers to keep it all organized is not a bad idea. It’s fantastic being able to have compartments that are designed specifically for the pieces that this game has, so browse the selection that we have and add them to a sturdy container to keep the game in good condition.

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