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Help Us Bury Ash!

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Want to help us welcome our newest Shipping Associate with a great big friendly "Hello!"?

Ash is wrapping up her first full week with us, and she's been kicking hiney with her mad packing skills. Coincidentally, Friday is her first day all alone in shipping, since our veteran Shipping Manager Gerald is taking a well-deserved long weekend.

We thought it might be fun to put her to the test and see just how good she can do on her own. Then someone in the office said, "What if we offer free shipping for a day?"

Brilliant! Our awesome customers get a deal, and Ash gets to really show off her skills.

From now until Friday, April 8th at midnight PDT, use code BURYASH to get free shipping on all domestic orders (delivery address within the US.)

And just for fun, if you want to send Ash a welcome message, just include it in the Notes part of your order and she'll see it when she's packing your box. 

Free shipping? Happy shopping!!

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