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Games to Play on Tabletop Day 2017

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If you just read our last blog post that covered the board game lovers favorite day of the year, Tabletop Day, then you’ve probably marked your calendars and have checked for a few of the locations surrounding your place that are hosting events. If you have found a few that you want to attend, but want to play into the night, then there are a few games that you can invest in and plan on playing at your house. Host your very own Tabletop Day event at your place. Here are a few of our favorites ones to play.


Breaking the ice is the hardest part of meeting new people, but this game makes it much more enjoyable. Codenames is the perfect game for groups ranging from 2 to 8 players. What makes this game even better is that it’s pretty easy to get the hang of. Start off by putting two separate spy teams together. The challenge of this game is to try and find out who each of the targets on the board are while only using one single word to guess. It’s a great way to break the ice and get some of your friends who may not know each other familiar with everyone, plus it’s the perfect size for those groups that are ranging in size.

Boss Monster

Now, not all game lovers founded their love with tabletop games. Some people are incredibly passionate about video games, and if they have a sincere love for classic video games, then this game is one that should definitely be included in your tabletop game night. Made for a smaller group of four people, this game has people take over the stories of classic video game characters and villains to create dungeons and battle the different adventures going on in nearby cities. Now, while this game does have a smaller group, it is important to consider either having someone who is experienced in the game there to play and teach, or familiarizing yourself with the game. The rules of this one are a little trickier, but it’s an incredible one to learn and enjoy with friends.

Sheriff of Nottingham

When you’ve got friends who are obsessed or even a little bit intrigued by the story of Robin Hood, then you have got to invest in Sheriff of Nottingham. This tabletop game provides the same sort of mythology as the story of Robin Hood, and creates roles of both the merchant and sheriff. YOu can choose to bring certain goods into the city that might be the right price, or maybe you’re sneaking in some goods that have a higher rated price than they should. It’s all up to the sheriff to cath. If you’ve got a good poker face, then this is the board game for you to try out, considering that it really comes down to how well you can hide whether or not you’re being honest, or smuggling bribes into the city.

We’re only just getting started on the various games that you should look into for Tabletop Day, this April 29th. Make sure to check out the discounted prices of high-quality board game storage, organization pieces and accessories that we’ll have here at The Broken Token. If you’re interested in more games to check out, then keep an eye out for the blog posts that we’ll have loaded here in the next couple of days. We can’t wait to share more fun tabletop games with you and your friends, we’ve got plenty more to cover and each one offers a different piece that makes it entirely worthy of your Tabletop Day celebration.

Play on!

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