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Firefly the Game: The Basics

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If you haven’t seen Firefly the TV show, then you are seriously missing out on one incredible story. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a show that got continued, so the two seasons that were created won’t take long to binge. Luckily, this show was loved enough to get a follow movie that gave closure to those that were hurting from the news that the show would be discontinued, but it has also become a game!

This is a fantastic and fun game to have for a handful of reasons. Overall, this game has been given a 7.5 rating by GeekBuddy Analysis, some of the most well known gamers around, but it is also fantastic because it combines a lot of the attributes that make a board game great in the first place.

The Basics

This game can last anywhere from 120 to 140 minutes, so it’s definitely one that you should set aside some time to play. With this game, you can play with a maximum of 5 people, with no less than 2.

The game includes a wide variety of cards, each with different purposes to help you move forward in the game. Small Firefly ship pieces, each a different color, to represent your place on the map. The Broken Token carries organizational pieces that make it easy to keep your cards and the smaller pieces of the game nice and organized. You can keep them in the Big Damn Crates that we have. Each of them are beautifully crafted so that every time you pull the game out, you get an extraordinary experience and you can confidently know that the pieces are all in good condition.

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The Story

If you haven’t seen the show, then this story is one that you’ll easily fall into. The storyline for this game allows for the players to be the captains of their own Firefly, a class transport ship. The ship will have a selection of individuals that make up their crew. From fighters and mechanics to the travelers and illegal passengers, you will have a group of individuals to join you on your mission.

As a whole, this game is intended to provide the players with a very high-energy and climatic ending. You will begin by picking up the ship, hiring a crew and traveling from planet to planet. Along the way, you’re able to pick up various upgrades for your ship as well as cargo that you can deliver. You also have to prepare yourself for any others boarding your ship and challenging your crew. Get the cards that you need to progress and take new adventures to various planets. When you complete tasks along the journey, you’ll be able to be repaid in cash that you can also use to upgrade and move forward.

The first player to make their way through the story is the winner.

If you’re a fan of role playing games as well as strategy and task completion games, then this is one that you should definitely give a try. It’s always fun because the story continues to change time and time again. Take our word, it’s one that you’ll love!

The Broken Token has all of the games that you need to keep things interesting. Whether it’s pieces that you need or another challenge to take on, you can find it when you shop our selection online. Browse the many pieces, board game storage, accessories and countless games that we carry and get started playing today!

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