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7 Wonders Box Organizer Now Available!

Posted by Greg Spence on

We're really excited to announce our latest box organizer!  7 Wonders has always been one of my favorite games and when I first started creating organizers it was on my short list of games to design for.  The time is finally here and you can now organize your 7 Wonders base game and all 3 expansions in the standard box.

All of the wonder boards now fit neatly in their space.  Getting them out is done by just pushing down on one side or the other and the opposite side of the boards will lift up.

With most people sleeving their game cards, we made sure to provide enough space for all of the cards with sleeves.  The card space even comes with two adjustable dividers so you can separate several stacks of cards.

Finally we wanted you to be able to remove all of the tokens from the box and place them on the table so we designed a removable token tray.  In order to make the compartments big enough to get your fingers into, we kept it down to just 4 compartments.  There is plenty of space for all of the tokens.  We even raised the floor of the token tray so you don't have to dig too deep.  This also provides some extra storage space underneath the token tray for the score cards.

We're really proud of this organizer and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

7 Wonders Box Organizer

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