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Product Description

Time is short and all of humanity is counting on you! Quarantine your game with The Broken Token’s Biohazard Containment Unit, compatible with Pandemic™ by Z-Man Games.

This premium storage solution organizes Pandemic and all of its expansions in one easy to transport unit. Six removable trays help you get to finding the cure sooner. The pawn tray keeps all the player pieces separated and easy to get to the specific piece you need. Three identical trays neatly hold the disease cubes. The vaccine vial tray holds the vials that come with the “In the Lab” expansion for ease of play. Includes 6 adjustable dividers.

Time isn’t on your side when you’re racing for the cure, save time in style with the Biohazard Containment Unit.

NOTE: Designed for the Second Edition version (earlier version pawns and petri dishes are too large).

This product is a kit that requires assembly. . We recommend a high quality wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

Pandemic™ is a trademark of Z-Man Games. This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

When Cardboard Can't Get The Job Done, Get Wood.

I picked up Pandemic a few years ago and loved it, then immediately picked up the expansions as I could get a hold of them, because they were fantastic. I did notice a problem, I'd have to contain the boards, rulebooks, and Bioterrorist papers in one of the boxes, while the smaller pieces would have to be sequestered into one of my many tackleboxes I'd purchased for the purpose of containing games.<br><br>One of my friends picked up a Broken Token set for 7 Wonders, and told me how great it all was, so I resolved that the next time I was dissatisfied with my system, I'd look into it. After not being able to play for a few weeks on account of losing one of the containers, I decided to pick this up. An hour or so with some superglue, and the box is sturdy, the pieces are contained together, and everyone has one spot that's, at worst, two boxes thick. Double Plus Good, Broken Token. <br><br>Now, any thoughts to Descent?

Everything I wanted it to be...

Organizes Pandemic and expansions perfectly.<br><br>Really pretty amazing how precisely cut the pieces are, and how they fit together perfectly. Putting it together is part of the fun. Only needed wood glue and something to serve as a rubber mallet.<br><br>One minor complaint is two of the pieces that appeared symmetrical were not actually (by a mere millimeter difference on both sides), and they had to be oriented one way to make everything fit flush. These pieces are the two internal dividers in the 12-cell tray. I had to dismantle the tray and flip those around so it would be flush and fit into the larger box, which was a bit of hassle since I'd glued it and didn't dismantle it immediately without knowing what the problem was.<br><br>Besides missing that one bit of instruction, everything else was clear and assembly was fun, plus I now have an amazing container for everything Pandemic.

Well worth the shipping cost.

This box is outstanding. It took a while to assemble after I painted it over but after all the sanding and a bit of hammering, this box is has an amazing table presence. It fits all of my pandemic cards and tokens very well. <br><br>Problems i faced was during assembling the cure vials tray. It was quite difficult to get the edges in place. I also had some issues with the shipping courier whom I would like to say tried to pull a fast one on me. But other then that, I am glad this box is part of my board game collection. Now, if only you guys can hook me up with an insert for my Game of Thrones the board game 2nd edition.

4.5 Stars (Half star off for build errors)

First off, the Biohazard Containment Unit works really, really well. I don't have all the expansions (yet!), but it works great. The reason knocking half a star off was that there were two problems in assembly. In the instructions there's an error. In the Tray A Assembly portion, step 3 has a misprint. The instructions say to use piece 2B, but you're supposed to use piece 2C. I've sent an email, so hopefully it'll be fixed.<br><br>The other reason for the half star deduction is the acrylic slider for the pawn container. That didn't fit at all. The nubs on the side stick out too far. However, a few minutes with a file to shave those down had it fit perfectly. My slider has triangular holes, rather than the half circles shown in the instructions and in the assembly video, so I'm guessing I have version 2.0 of the kit.<br><br>The two problems I had took maybe a total of 10 minutes to fix, and it works great now. So just be aware of these when you buy it. Otherwise everything went perfectly.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BUYING THE ADDITIONAL DIVIDERS!<br><br>This was the first thing I had ever bought from Broken Token, and I absolutely love it. It's come in so unbelievably handy, keeping all the pieces nicely organized. (I especially like the character token box)<br><br>It doesn't come with enough dividers to separate all the cards properly if you have all of the expansions, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Great case for Pandemic

This unit holds all the expansions and parts quite nicely. After some creative painting, looks like a metal case with something dangerous inside.


This box significantly enhances our Pandemic experience. We play with all expansions and most of the challenges (plus house rules). This box organizes everything perfectly. Character cards, lab formulae, infection cards, city cards, event cards - everything has its custom slot. It speeds setup and breakdown speed. Perhaps most importantly, the solid feel and handling of the box and its components makes it a joy to work with. Outstanding craftsmanship and fit. Pandemic is one of our favorite games, and this box makes it all the better.

Broham you need this!

You can't beat broken tokens quality. Bought for a friend and he loves it

Love the organization, but hard to build

The box doesn’t come pre-assembled. We had to put it togeather and it was not very easily to do. Loved the box after it was built though!