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Product Description

Time is short and all of humanity is counting on you! Quarantine your game with The Broken Token’s Biohazard Containment Unit, compatible with Pandemic™ by Z-Man Games.

This premium storage solution organizes Pandemic and all of its expansions in one easy to transport unit. Six removable trays help you get to finding the cure sooner. The pawn tray keeps all the player pieces separated and easy to get to the specific piece you need. Three identical trays neatly hold the disease cubes. The vaccine vial tray holds the vials that come with the “In the Lab” expansion for ease of play. Includes 6 adjustable dividers.

Time isn’t on your side when you’re racing for the cure, save time in style with the Biohazard Containment Unit.

NOTE: Designed for the Second Edition version (earlier version pawns and petri dishes are too large).

This product is a kit that requires assembly. . We recommend a high quality wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

Pandemic™ is a trademark of Z-Man Games. This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Wonderful as always

I own a few inserts from The Broken Token. This on looks great on my shelf and holds all my pandemic stuff. It was easy to put together and the quality is great. These inserts never dissappoint.

Get This and Stay Healthy, My Friends!

I recently purchased this after getting all the Pandemic expansions for Christmas. It really does hold everything. Again, like most Broken Token organizers it supports sleeved cards, which I love. As part of the Craftsman Series it is a little more complicated to assemble than a normal organizer, but if you are patient and take your time it is not a big deal. The parts that were the most difficult for me to assemble were the character token tray and the outer box. Both are very tight and I did not want to apply too much pressure and snap something. Despite this I have nothing bad to say about this organizer and I am anxious to see more Craftsman Series organizers if they are all going to be this nice. Great job!


I have long been a fan of Pandemic, but I wasn't a fan of lugging around all the components in multiple boxes. This crate is the perfect solution AND will look nice on my shelves where it will surely draw attention to itself. The crate easily contains all of the materials from the base game and the expansions, with some room left over should there be more expansions (though not for any boards). I love this crate, but a few things to note:<br><br>1) I've assembled several Broken Token products and this was the most complex one by far. If there were difficulty ratings for assembly, this would be at the top. Not saying that is a bad thing, but just something to note. As for the reason it was difficult...<br><br>2) The box for the pawns. Oh dear lord did this one drive me crazy! I understand why there's the smaller wall attached to the top pawn cut-out piece and then another wall on the bottom of the crate (so the acrylic has something to slide and rest on), putting those pieces together was absolutely a chore. Now that it's complete, it looks great and worth it... but assembly...<br><br>3) Some of the smallest pieces absolutely will need glue, and I'm talking about the end pieces (1E and especially 2D). Without, I could see them popping off easily as the tokens are removed.<br><br>4) Maybe it's the batch of wood, but lots of splintering during assembly.<br><br>5) For the crate itself, with the thicker wood... I seriously had to whale on the pieces with my mallet to get them properly joined together. Not something I should have been doing on my dining table!<br><br>6) I will absolutely be ordering the extra sheet of dividers to separate out all the types of cards. This will surely ease setting the game up. Really wish I had gotten them when I ordered the set.<br><br>I absolutely love the finished product. Just be aware, this is a complex build and will take a decent amount of time. Thank you for yet another awesome product, Broken Token!<br><br>(And a small aside... I agree with the idea of brass corner pieces! And what kind of stain would people recommend for the exterior of the crate?)

Wonderful product, looks great

I had a good experience ordering from Broken Token and – post-assembly – am quite enjoying my Biohazard Containment Unit. All of the pieces fit very well and it looks great. However, for the (fairly exorbitant) price of the product it seems to me that it might be shipped assembled. $60 is an awful lot to pay to receive a shipment containing an hour of work. <br>Otherwise, could not be more satisfied.

Snug Fit, Beautiful Wood

The beauty of the chosen medium (wood) only comes out after staining. It truly is gorgeous...except for the glue stains. No, it is not from the wood glue, but pre-existing blots on the wood that run opposite of the grain.<br><br>All the components fit perfectly, well mostly. We sleeved all our cards after a particularly heinous event that included another board game and pasta sauce. The sleeved cards fit quite snugly. There was no extra room whatsoever. Kinda cool, if you think about it. However, pulling cards is much like pulling teeth at times.<br><br>Yes, I have all the expansions. All the boards and the pad fit nicely. But, man, the cards....<br><br>Next stop: brass corner protectors for the crate. <br><br>RESPONSE: I love the idea of those brass corners...please share pictures!! It's true sleeved cards are just right there on the edge...we do find that over time newly sleeved cards compress and sliding them in and out will become easier. I'm also curious about the "blots" you mention. If you are of the mind, send pictures to me via support@thebrokentoken.com I'd love to see what effect you are seeing. Thanks for your great review! Game On My Friend - Aminda CS Meeple

Very good

It's easy to put together. A little glue here and there. I wish it were a little bigger so that I could store Iberia in it.


This "Craftsman Series" box is absolutely amazing. I did order the extra dividers and would recommend the extra dividers to anyone considering the product. <br><br>All of the joints fit nice and tight, We did apply glue to a few looser joints. Anything that I could not snap easily together, my husband was able to fit together with some light tapping. <br><br>Everything fits beautifully into the box!! I did not have the State of Emergency expansion yet and my husband has requested that I go purchase it to fill the token box. <br><br>I do sleeve all my cards with mayday premium sleeves and have no problems fitting everything in the box. <br><br>Don't hesitate to purchase ANY of Broken Token's organizers. I know that any game that I get that has an organizer I will likely be picking up from broken token.


Excellent quality and look. It was super easy to put together in about an hour. I would suggest using wood glue, especially on the outer edges and the entire box itself. It fits the base game and the 3 expansions that we currently have including the game boards.


My first craftsman series box from TBT, won't be my last if my poll vote went through. I received one of the first batch created. There was a part missing (the plastic lid for the pawns) but support was fantastic and prompt in replacing it. Sleeved cards (mayday premium) are a little snug but divided out nicely. Main deck, infection deck, epidemics+reference, roles, events, and one big section for all of the variants. The only minor little issues I have is the vaccination tic-tacs from State of Emergency seem to be able to get out of their section in the tray and move into other sections in the same tray. Additionally The Broken Token logo on the insert part doesn't line up properly with the carry holes which constantly makes me think I assembled something wrong. I'm looking forward to staining or painting the whole thing if I can settle on a color scheme.

Epic Board Game Crate

This was my second product from Broken Token! All I have to say is Epic Job! I enjoyed the assembly of the crate and next step is to finish it off with some stain and brass corners. There are just a few things about the inner trays that were a little pesky but overall Epic. I have lots of wood working experience and before I stain the crate I do recommend hitting it some super fine sand paper to smooth out the wood and knock off the sharp edges.