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Biohazard Containment Unit


Product Description

Time is short and all of humanity is counting on you! Quarantine your game with The Broken Token’s Biohazard Containment Unit, compatible with Pandemic™ by Z-Man Games.

This premium storage solution organizes Pandemic and all of its expansions in one easy to transport unit. Six removable trays help you get to finding the cure sooner. The pawn tray keeps all the player pieces separated and easy to get to the specific piece you need. Three identical trays neatly hold the disease cubes. The vaccine vial tray holds the vials that come with the “In the Lab” expansion for ease of play. Includes 6 adjustable dividers.

Time isn’t on your side when you’re racing for the cure, save time in style with the Biohazard Containment Unit.

NOTE: Designed for the Second Edition version (earlier version pawns and petri dishes are too large).

This product is a kit that requires assembly. . We recommend a high quality wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

Pandemic™ is a trademark of Z-Man Games. This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Well thought out

The Pandemic Biohazard Containment Unit is awesome. It's a very well thought out design that fits all components from the base game and every expansion. <br>It was fairly easy to put together. The inside containers and were simple enough. The outside wooden box was a little difficult to get together. I used a hobby knife to trim the edges to better fit together. In retrospect I wish that I hadn't as it left a few marks.<br>I highly recommend using a rubber or plastic mallet to knock the outside box together It definitely makes it way easier.<br><br>I have all of my cards sleeved in FFG Sleeves.<br>I was able to create Separate sections for Action Reference Cards, Role cards, Epidemic cards, Event Cards, City Cards, Infection Cards, and Miscellaneous Cards from the expansions. It's a snug fit, but it works. If I had used MayDay Games Premium Sleeves I might possibly have fit one more small section. If I used MayDay Games Standard Sleeves I could probably fit at least one more small section.<br>With my current setup I did not have use for the additional dividers that The Broken Token sells.<br>Very pleased with this purchase.<br>Thanks!

Frankly, easy to put together

Love It !!!<br><br>RESPONSE: Best review ever :D

Can't Live Without It

This is an excellent product for any Pandemic fan out there. If you have the base game and any of the expansions this an amazing space safer and organizer. It was easy to put together but you will need to use glue! The case itself will be heavy after everything goes inside, so make sure you secure it well. Also, the container for the pawns is my favorite thing you guys have made so far. It's so... satisfying. <br><br>RESPONSE: This makes our day!!! Thanks for the feedback and helpful tip. We love this crate too and glad you appreciate our handiwork ! Game On my friend!

Hooray! All Pandemic in one box!

I have other wooden products made by other companies that use NAF HDF rather than birch. Assembly was easy, and no different from other kits I have. I will note that some tabs had corners break off due to the wood grain, which doesn't happen with the HDF. Instructions were easy to follow, and I just used small amounts of white glue on some of the looser pieces. The box went together tight enough to only need glue on a couple of places.<br>All things considered, I am very please with how this looks on my game shelf.<br><br>RESPONSE: Glad you are happy with it. It's true that wood grain has some drawbacks, but we feel that the payoff is worth some glue and tab issues. Please know that if at anytime a piece doesn't work as should, just get in contact with us and we will make sure you get what you need! Game On My Friend! -Customer Satisfaction Meeple - Aminda :D

Awesome Product

I recently purchased and assembled this crate and I have to say it is amazing. It was very easy to assemble with minimal tools or prep needed and it didn't really take any real knowledge of woodworking though familiarity with puzzles or models would certainly be useful. After assembly I did choose to stain and varnish the crate and it looks amazing. There is room for everything from every expansion (current) and everything is held securely so it can take some shaking to dislodge anything. This crate is a huge help with quick setup and tear down as well. Highly Recommended.

Perfect storage solution!

Pandemic did something rare in that every expansion included an insert to accommodate all released components thus far. Unfortunately the newest expansion broke that trend, and there was no good way to store everything in one box. Here comes The Broken Token to the rescue, everything has it's place in this really well designed box and I highly recommend it for all Pandemic fans!


The BT sets are very well made. The pieces fit together perfectly, so well in fact, that you don't even need glue for most of the trays. <br><br>I picked up this set so I could get rid of 4 sets of Pandemic boxes. And yep, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING from all 4 games fits in here. Pieces, tokens, cards, manuals, game boards. Everything. And it's very cool having everything in a removable tray, makes the games easier to setup and clean-up.<br><br>And the box just looks cool.


I love broken token, this fits Pandemic and its expansions great. However I have the original Pandemic so the meeples don't quite fit, but they will fit without the acrylic lid.

Very Nice!

Very Nice addition to the game. Great for storing all the pieces. And it's kinda fun, too!

Excellent Service, Difficult Assembly

I got this as a gift for my significant other who lives at the same address. I made a request that the package not have identifying marks on the outside and Broken Token very kindly complied (my S.O. had no idea from the nondescript package). <br><br>The only difficulty was with the actual assembly of the box. Some of the pieces were very hard to fit together and don't currently lie flush (even with the aid of small hammer taps) with the rest of the box. Don't try to remove assembled joints either, as the wood is likely to pull apart.<br><br>RESPONSE: That doesn't sound good :( Please email Aminda w/Customer Support via the website and she'll make sure you get everything you need to make the organizer fit better. If you have any breakage we can replace parts. We want you to be 100% satisfied.