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Product Description

Time is short and all of humanity is counting on you! Quarantine your game with The Broken Token’s Biohazard Containment Unit, compatible with Pandemic™ by Z-Man Games.

This premium storage solution organizes Pandemic and all of its expansions in one easy to transport unit. Six removable trays help you get to finding the cure sooner. The pawn tray keeps all the player pieces separated and easy to get to the specific piece you need. Three identical trays neatly hold the disease cubes. The vaccine vial tray holds the vials that come with the “In the Lab” expansion for ease of play. Includes 6 adjustable dividers.

Time isn’t on your side when you’re racing for the cure, save time in style with the Biohazard Containment Unit.

NOTE: Designed for the Second Edition version (earlier version pawns and petri dishes are too large).

This product is a kit that requires assembly. . We recommend a high quality wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

Pandemic™ is a trademark of Z-Man Games. This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Must have!

If you have all the expansions to Pandemic then you *need* this organizer. Well thought out placement with sturdy construction.

Any fan of Pandemic must have this!

I've bought a LOT of Broken Token organizers, for LOTS of games. This is easily the best. All of the joints fit nice and tight, I had to use only a little glue and some tape to reinforce corners, and it looks fantastic on my gaming table. Best of all is that it freed up four boxes worth of space out of my shelves for more games :-)

Great organizer

First time purchasing one of these storage units and have to say I am overall very pleased with it.. The look is great and sure enough everything fits in the box (which is wonderful). It stands out so nicely when stored and keeps everything well organized. I did notice that the trays are a surprisingly snug fit, which take a bit of wiggling to get them in and out as needed. Very easy to assemble, impressive layout design and very quick shipping. Will definitely consider future items for other games that I have.

Excellent organizer

I saw this at Origins 2016 and was immediately curious, enough so to order a week later. The shipping was lightning quick and I prepared myself for a weekend project as I was planing on staining it as well. The cut and fit was almost perfect, no piece was too tight and there were only two places where I dabbed some wood glue to fix a loose fit. It readily took stain and varnish and while snug, the trays slip everything neatly in place. While not pictured, this kit will fit all boards and rulebooks on top of the components (including my rarely used bioterrorist notepad). Overall, a fantastic kit.

Pandemic Must-Have!

My husband and I recently discovered The Broken Token and we have not been disappointed. This box for Pandemic is "must have" for anyone with Pandemic with the expansions. Assembly was straightforward, the box has plenty of room for all of the expansions and it looks gorgeous!<br><br>It's going to be a delight to use this! Kudos to The Broken Token!

A new standard of excellence for Broken Token

I've been buying Broken Token organizers for years now and probably own about a dozen. This new Pandemic storage solution is by far the most beautiful and elegant BT product I currently own. Everything fits together perfectly (though definitely head the instructions' advice and use some wood glue to keep everything sealed). There is ample room for the base game and all expansions. But, most importantly, this looks absolutely stunning on the shelf. If you're someone who loves Pandemic as much as I do and wants a storage solution that fits everything into one container AND looks gorgeous on the shelf, then look no further because Broken Token has you covered.<br><br>RESPONSE:<br><br>Wow! Thank you for your amazing review. It brings us so much joy to hear from happy customers! <br><br>Game On <br>The Broken Token

Nice complete solution

Bought this organizer to put all of my pandemic games in one consolidated unit. Nicely designed and easy to assemble (some parts required a little wood glue and a little hammering). This will go nicely with my Deepwater create and my other BT organizers

I Don't Know How They Did It

The base game fits into its original box decently, but adding one expansion already makes it not want to fit. You'd be hard-pressed to figure out what to do with all three expansions without everything getting crazy messy.<br><br>This perfectly-designed box allows you to put all of the expansions into one crate in a very clean, organized way. I've been able to set up and tear down Pandemic games much faster now, and adding the different challenges from the expansions is incredibly easy. The unit itself draws attention and gets more interest in the game. So happy that I bought it.<br><br>RESPONSE: This is why we do what we do :D Thanks for letting us know. Game On my Friend - Aminda

Careful assembly required, but great product

I have bought and assembled other companies' wooden inserts before and those require glue on every connection. The precise fit of this Broken Token organizer is just not present in those other products.<br><br>This means you'll need to be careful and patient when assembling this organizer.<br><br>But if you are careful and patient, you'll be rewarded with a beautiful, sturdy and well-organized container for all of your Pandemic game components and expansions.<br><br>I own Pandemic and all 3 (to this point in time) released expansions and the BCU handles all of this with a bit of room to spare. Great product that I'm quite happy with.<br><br>RESPONSE: couldn't ask for a better review! We appreciate it!

Great product, with only one issue

Customer Update: "In light of the response, and given that this was the first issue I have EVER had with a TBT organizer, I am certain this was a one-off issue (and may well have been an issue on my end). No one should take this review as a reason not to purchase this box, which is both amazingly functional and gorgeous once assembled. Since writing the initial review, I have literally taken this to game nights just to show it off and to steer people toward Broken Token products."<br><br>Original Review: I was so excited to order this and clear up some shelf space currently being taken up by several Pandemic boxes and replace them with this gorgeous piece. After staining it (following the instructional video for the Big Damn Crate... next on my to-buy list!) I started assembly.<br><br>The outside of the box went together without a hitch. Then Tray A was just as easy.<br><br>And then came Tray B.<br><br>It seemed like every piece of Tray B was both exactly the right length AND perfectly straight. Many were one or the other. A few were neither. And the ones that weren't straight had tabs which were loose enough that the friction from assembly wouldn't hold the corner together. In the end, it took gluing every joint, and applying a combination of 10 clamps and vice grips WITHOUT breaking the 1/8" birch by putting too much pressure on it.<br><br>All told, that small tray took 2 hours to assemble, while the rest took MAYBE a total of 45 minutes.<br><br>Once it was done, it looked great, and stores the game perfectly. It's a great product, and something anyone who owns Pandemic should consider buying. Just be prepared to do a lot of swearing at Tray B during assembly. And have clamps and WOOD glue (emphatically not superglue, as it ironically did not hold at all) available.<br><br>Response: We apologize for the extra trouble and appreciate the feedback. We will take a look at it internally to see if there is an issue we can fix in design. My guess is that your organizer may have been loose fitting due to wood variation or laser focus, which is rare. We have not heard any similar feedback but if we see any other issues we will take action. Thanks again for your patience!