Big Damn Crate


Product Description

Is it getting a little crowded in your sky? We swear by our pretty floral bonnets this will end your organizing woes. The Broken Token presents the Big Damn Crate, an all-in-one organizing solution compatible with Firefly: The Game and all of its expansions, published by Gale Force Nine.

Aim to misbehave sooner with more than a dozen shiny removable trays for all your cards, tokens, and ships. Each removable card tray is stackable, with a draw and discard slot, allowing you to play the game right out of the organizer. Two identical token trays means each player can access their wares for their perfectly legitimate business enterprises with ease, without slowing down the game. Do your jobs and get paid easily with the removable bank tray. Also includes felt pads to protect your table surface. Supports sleeved and unsleeved cards.

This organizer supports sleeved cards and holds all current expansions, with at least a little room to spare! When you can’t run, you crawl. And when you can’t do that, let The Broken Token carry you.

NOTE: All new Big Damn Crate kits INCLUDE The Broken Token Crime & Punishment Upgrade Tray.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. . We recommend a high quality wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

Firefly™: The Game is a trademark of Gale Force Nine™. This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Thank you Broken Token!

I'm terrible at writing these things, but they went so much out of their way to help me I just had to! I had an issue with some of the parts for this and worked with customer service to get a replacement!!<br><br>I have bought many of these and the first time i had an issue Broken Token stepped up and made this customer very happy!<br><br>This is a huge set and it works amazingly (just as they all do!) <br><br>RESPONSE: Thanks for taking the time to write a review! I am so glad we were able to get everything worked out for you! Game on my friend - Aninda Customer Service Meeple

Big Damn Crate ... Best Damn Kit

Here's the secret about Broken Token and especially the Big Damn Crate ... don't buy from Broken Token if you want an insert. No seriously. Gamers for centuries have been contriving ways of slapping everything in a single box to make it easier to carry all their stuff.<br><br>But if you want something that is aesthetically pleasing with well-thought out functionality ... now you're cooking.<br><br>And the Big Damn Crate has that in spades. It has all the little touches and thoughtful items (like leaving room for future expansions) that show they care about this product as much as you do about your game.<br><br>For me the best part was the customer service. From the how to videos, to the email responses I received when I asked about how their expert built something, Broken Token is top notch.<br><br>This is a wonderful product you will be excited to not only use, but display in your gaming area!<br><br>RESPONSE - Thank you so much kind sir! This is why we do what we do!

Excellent product!

It was the best impulsive shopping i had done in years. Everything fits perfectly and the quality is very good. I would have loved to paint and finish the box before putting it together but i was too exited !!

Solid product

The crate is amazing. Well designed. Being able to play with most of the components in the box while standing up is brilliant. That is how we use it. There is so much more room for everyone now.

I would give 6 stars if I could

I own a lot of Broken Token organizers, including 2 others of the "Craftsman Series" crates (Pandemic and Lords of Waterdeep). I am always impressed with the thoughtfulness and intricacy of the design to create a compact, USEFUL storage and organization solution.<br><br>This blows the rest away. Not even a contest.<br><br>There were at least three or four times when, while building the crate and then filling it with the game bits, I said, out loud, "That is BRILLIANT." Whoever designed this deserves an award. Or several.<br><br>RESPONSE: Why thank you sir for your mighty fine words!!! I'll be sure to let the designer know!! It's a true joy to know that our customers appreciate the work we put into our designs. We are all gamers and I hope that is what shows in the work we do! Thanks for taking the time to let us know. Game on My Friend - CS Meeple - Aminda

The big damn crate is big damn useful!

The big damn crate was easy to put together and was so well cut that glue wasn't needed for any of it. Not only is it useful for storing the game it also makes playing the game much more organized. I highly recommend it despite the cost.

A joy to behold

Box arrived in New Zealand just over a week, all the bits and pieces intact.<br>Took about a day to construct, all the parts fitted perfectly. stained with a nice Rimu Colouring and added a deep purple felt matting to the bottom of the box. Looks amazing.<br>The parts and design are made by those who love games and have an attention for detail.<br>Worth every damn penny.

Amazing attention to detail and user needs

I was reluctant to spend the money for the Big Damn Crate, but the storage and playing requirements for Firefly, as well as the setup, made it too hard to transport and use the game. So I broke down and ordered the Crate. It took most of two days to put it together on breaks, but I was amazed at the clarity of instructions, the ease of the assembly, and finally the utility of the completed Crate. Everything was carefully thought out, everything fits, and the results are beautiful and utilitarian. Clearly a labor of love for the designers. Congratulations on a truly astonishing product!

Shiny indeed

The Big Damn Crate is amazing. If you're like me and love the game but the setup and table real estate was always a factor for playing, you should get this right now. Seriously. Stop peeking at the site and waffling. I went back and forth for a month because, yes, it is a pricey purchase and the assembly takes some time. BUT... I finally purchased and am super happy with it (so is the wife because it fits in our game cabinet and actually looks beautiful). The birch is high quality and really well-designed organizers. And it FITS with the world of Firefly. Whoever took the time to figure this out is like Beautiful Mind-level genius. <br><br>It probably took me a total of 4 hours to assemble. I also stained and varnished mine (Gunstock Minwax and Semi-Gloss), so that added approx. 6 hours more work split over two days. The $300 pre-assembled and properly finished one is actually a REALLY good value if don't want to spend the time. <br>But I wanted to customize mine and it ended up being a fun hands-on project that took me away from a computer screen for a while. Okay, stop reading. I can't recommend it enough. Get.<br><br>RESPONSE: Thanks for the amazing feedback. I'll pass on your kind words to the designers! We'd love to see how you made the crate your own, feel free to post pics of it to our facebook or twitter feed, it makes us happy to see our products out in the wild! Aminda TBT Customer Service

Fits Everything!

This crate is amazing it fits everything produced currently, even sleeved. they say it can't hold the Big Damn Money but I'm betting the spot in the middle can just won't have a nice tray for it. <br><br>It took me a long time to convince myself to buy it and now my only regret is how long I waited!