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Big Damn Crate

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Product Description

Product Description

Is it getting a little crowded in your sky? We swear by our pretty floral bonnets this will end your organizing woes. The Broken Token presents the Big Damn Crate, an all-in-one organizing solution compatible with Firefly: The Game and all of its expansions, published by Gale Force Nine.

Aim to misbehave sooner with more than a dozen shiny removable trays for all your cards, tokens, and ships. Each removable card tray is stackable, with a draw and discard slot, allowing you to play the game right out of the organizer. Two identical token trays means each player can access their wares for their perfectly legitimate business enterprises with ease, without slowing down the game. Do your jobs and get paid easily with the removable bank tray. Also includes felt pads to protect your table surface.

This organizer supports sleeved cards and holds all current expansions, with at least a little room to spare! When you can’t run, you crawl. And when you can’t do that, let The Broken Token carry you.

NOTE: All new Big Damn Crate kits INCLUDE the Crime & Punishment Upgrade Tray.


  • Organizes and stores game in a premium wooden crate
  • Active player token stand
  • 14 removable trays: 7 card trays with draw and discard slots, 2 set-up and money trays, 2 token trays, 2 player ship trays with dice compartments, and NPC ship tray
  • Accommodates Crime & Punishment, Esmeralda, Jetwash, Kalidasa, Blue Sun, Pirate & Bounty Hunters, Artful Dodger, and Breakin Atmo expansions, and promo cards.
  • Supports sleeved or unsleeved cards

Assembled exterior dimensions: 21.375" x 13.1875" x 5"

2017 Version: Download GCA003 Assembly instructions.

For more general tips on assembly, please read our Assembly Guide.

Having trouble removing all the paper backing from the acrylic sheets? We recommend Simple Green to get any residual adhesive off.


Firefly™: The Game is a trademark of Gale Force Nine.  This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token and is not endorsed by Game Force Nine™.

Product Videos

Product Videos

Big Damn Crate Product Tour 02:46

Introducing the Big Damn Crate compatible with Firefly: The Game. Assembly Video: Staining and Finishing Video: Coming Soon Emissary Gaming Table by Geek Chic

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    Introducing the Big Damn Crate compatible with Firefly: The Ga...
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  • How it fits: B...
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  1. Best. Game Accessory. Ever.

    Posted by Jason Aydelotte on 26th Jun 2018

    I could go on and on (and on!) about how much I love this product and the service I received in purchasing it, but you (presumably) have eyes and can read the other reviews. So I won't try and re-invent the wheel here.

    Simply put, this crate is worth every penny. Not only does it hold everything securely and neatly - and it's great as a display for the items, too! - but it's an AWESOME conversation piece. I've only had it a week and already nearly every visitor has seen it on my game table as they walk in my home - with plenty of Oooh's and Aaah's to follow.

    More than one person has sworn they're going to get it, too.

    The only super-slight change I might make is to suggest an addition/reconfiguration to support the "Big Money" deluxe accessory. There's plenty of room in the crate for additional expansions, and having prop-sized money to use with the game would be fantastic. That's the only thing I've got in the crate that doesn't have a specific place already built-out for it.

    Great job, Broken Token! LOVE IT!

  2. Love it but wrong instructions

    Posted by Kenneth Helton on 26th Feb 2018

    Would get 5 stars but the updated instructions were not sent in the box. Had to download them from the website.

  3. Excellent kit

    Posted by Eric Schreiber on 11th Feb 2018

    I've never built a kit like this before, so I didn't know what to expect. I watched the videos, and pored over the instructions as I went, and overall, the whole build - though it took a fair amount of time - went very smoothly.

    I used a gel stain, both on the main outer box and on all the internal parts. The end result is gorgeous. However, if I had to do it again, I'd either skip the internal parts or use a non-gel stain. What I found was that the gel stain worked its way into all the laser cuts, which gummed them up a bit, making it harder to snap the parts out of the sheets. Also, it would build up inside the slots, making it hard to get the tabs into them. I spent a lot of time scraping and sanding the excess gel stain residue off the edges so that things would go together more smoothly.

    When I received my kit, one of the acrylic panels was missing. Broken Token responded to my email in one business day, and got a replacement out to me quickly. Mistakes happen, and how a company responds is important. The Broken Token responded perfectly.

    This crate is a beautiful beast. The design is solid and clever, and I'm very impressed with it. Clearly a LOT of thought and care went into it, and it the end result is superb. Worth every penny.

  4. Great Product and Great Service

    Posted by Sean Miller on 30th Oct 2017

    After reading the other reviews there isn't much more that I can add about how great this product is. But I will say that when one of the pieces didn't fit right, all I had to do was contact customer service, send a couple of pictures and a replacement part arrived in a few days. Now everything is perfect.

    It's a real treat to work with a company that backs their products and fixes problems with minimal hassle. TBT is top notch.

  5. So convenient!

    Posted by Justin C on 25th Sep 2017

    I really don't have anything to add that previous reviews haven't already covered: it was easy enough to build (even for someone who did poorly in tech ed class back in grade school), it looks great, and it makes setup and playing the game so much easier than the original packaging. I've had the game for about nine months and the first time I played the solo story was the day I finished this my only problem is having enough table space to fit the boards.

    It's definitely worth the time, money, and effort to not only get the box, but stain it and really make it your own.

  6. We LOVE our crate!

    Posted by Michelle Morgan on 15th Sep 2017

    It was quite the project to stain and assemble it, but it was so worth the effort. It makes game set up so fast and take down too. It also saves a ton of space on the table when we are playing. This is one of our favorite games and it was worth the investment to keep it all nice and together.

  7. Absolutely outstanding product!

    Posted by Scott Chisholm on 12th Sep 2017

    I'd seen Broken Token products before, but not for any games I actually owned. So, when I saw The Big Damn Crate, I jumped all over it. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get all of my Firefly: The Game material in one place.

    I was not expecting what I received. The laser cut wood components are simply stunning. I opted for the plain finish in lieu of the available stained finish, not due to cost, but simply because I like the natural color of the wood. The assembly instructions were quite easy to understand and follow. The only tools I needed were a hobby knife to cut the small tags holding the pieces to the panels, a bottle of wood glue, and a rubber mallet. In hindsight, a piece of fine grit sand paper probably would have helped (I believe the assembly instructions called for it).

    As expected with laser cut components, the fit between the tabs and slots of the various components is extremely tight; sanding the tabs a bit would have made for easier insertion, but I was concerned I would over do it and make the connections too loose, so I chose to to without. There are a lot of panels of parts. The panels have a lot of similar looking parts and are not numbered according to the assembly instructions (instead of 1, 2, 3... they are numbered XX of YY). However, the assembly instructions that came with the organizer had diagrams of each panel, so it was fairly easy to identify them and mark them myself.

    Assembly took a few hours, taking my time. As mentioned, unsanded, the fit between the tabs and slots was extremely tight and care must be taken to avoid breaking any of the parts. Some of the card trays are tricky as when attaching the side rails you must fit multiple tabs into their slots simultaneously. I found that once I had them in place, I could tap them with a rubber mallet to properly seat the parts.

    Caution: be careful when removing the slotted pieces of the ship trays. The nature of their shape makes it difficult to remove them from their panels and the portions (clips?) that are meant to flex are somewhat fragile. I accidentally broke a clip trying to remove it from the panel. My impatience, my fault. I can't blame Broken Token for my ham fistedness. ;-)

    I found the fit between the insert and the crate bottom to be the tightest of all. Some sort of mallet and a measure of patience is needed to properly seat it without breakage. Once the insert is in place, all of the trays easily slid into place.

    As for what goes where when it's all together, watch the video. Everything has a place, and I was constantly amazed at how everything fit perfectly in its place with some room to spare. I knew the play mat (which I do not have) was intended to fit in the crate, but all during construction I was wondering about what I was going to do with the map boards. Never fear; they all fit inside.

    I positively love the fact that once you remove the token boxes, navigation card tray, and the ship trays, you can set the crate on its side and draw cards directly from the crate without having to remove the other card trays. What a savings in table space! That alone, to me, justifies the purchase of this product.

    Is this product for you? Honestly, it depends. If you only have the base game and maybe one of the boxed expansions (Blue Sun or Kalidasa), probably not. The crate is intended to hold All Things Firefly: The Game and you would wind up spending money for storage space you won't be using. If you have the base game and both Blue Sun and Kalidasa I think you could benefit from this product as you will not need to cart three boxes around to play the game.

    Word of caution: the crate top and bottom are made of 1/4 inch plywood and the rest of the components are 1/8 inch plywood. When added to the game contents, the Big Damn Crate gets a bit heavy. I"m guessing 15 pounds or so - maybe a little more than two gallon jugs of milk.

    I'm really pleased with this product and cannot wait to put it to good use!

  8. Fits Everything!

    Posted by Edward Mallow on 16th Aug 2017

    This crate is amazing it fits everything produced currently, even sleeved. they say it can't hold the Big Damn Money but I'm betting the spot in the middle can just won't have a nice tray for it.

    It took me a long time to convince myself to buy it and now my only regret is how long I waited!

  9. Good product for the most part.

    Posted by Joshua Shada on 17th Jul 2017

    This crate is well designed and easy to assemble. It is a very convenient option for keeping the game with all of its expansions together. The only issue I have with this product is the "premium wood" used to create this item. Layered press board made of balsa wood isn't the best option for durability. However, I do understand this choice due to the need for weight restrictions for this product. Overall, I'm happy with this crate, and the functionality outweighs the one negative point.

  10. Shiny indeed

    Posted by MSR on 6th Jul 2017

    The Big Damn Crate is amazing. If you're like me and love the game but the setup and table real estate was always a factor for playing, you should get this right now. Seriously. Stop peeking at the site and waffling. I went back and forth for a month because, yes, it is a pricey purchase and the assembly takes some time. BUT... I finally purchased and am super happy with it (so is the wife because it fits in our game cabinet and actually looks beautiful). The birch is high quality and really well-designed organizers. And it FITS with the world of Firefly. Whoever took the time to figure this out is like Beautiful Mind-level genius.

    It probably took me a total of 4 hours to assemble. I also stained and varnished mine (Gunstock Minwax and Semi-Gloss), so that added approx. 6 hours more work split over two days. The $300 pre-assembled and properly finished one is actually a REALLY good value if don't want to spend the time.
    But I wanted to customize mine and it ended up being a fun hands-on project that took me away from a computer screen for a while. Okay, stop reading. I can't recommend it enough. Get.

    RESPONSE: Thanks for the amazing feedback. I'll pass on your kind words to the designers! We'd love to see how you made the crate your own, feel free to post pics of it to our facebook or twitter feed, it makes us happy to see our products out in the wild! Aminda TBT Customer Service

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