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Big Damn Crate - Mighty Fine Edition


Sold out. See description for details.

Product Description

All 200 of our Mighty Fine Edition have been sold and this product is no longer available.  However, you may construct your own beautiful version of the Big Damn Crate by purchasing the kit version here , and applying your own finishing touches. 

We've created how-to videos on our YouTube channel showing our processes.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  
Staining and Finishing Video  
Assembly Video

Is it getting a little crowded in your sky? We swear by our pretty floral bonnets this will end your organizing woes. The Broken Token presents the Big Damn Crate, an all-in-one organizing solution compatible with Firefly™: The Game and all of its expansions, published by Gale Force Nine™.

Aim to misbehave sooner with more than a dozen shiny removable trays for all your cards, tokens, and ships. Each removable card tray is stackable, with a draw and discard slot, allowing you to play the game right out of the organizer. Two identical token trays means each player can access their wares for their perfectly legitimate business enterprises with ease, without slowing down the game. Do your jobs and get paid easily with the removable bank tray. Also includes felt pads to protect your table surface. Supports sleeved and unsleeved cards.

This organizer supports sleeved cards and holds all current expansions, with at least a little room to spare! When you can’t run, you crawl. And when you can’t do that, let The Broken Token carry you.

NOTE: All new Big Damn Crate kits INCLUDE The Broken Token Crime & Punishment Upgrade Tray.

Firefly™: The Game is a trademark of Gale Force Nine™.  This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Pure Elegance

I am very happy with the Mighty Fine Edition of the Big Damn Crate, it is the most elegant, beautiful, functional storage solution for Firefly: The Game, and it is worth every penny. Clearly attention to detail and care was top priority, and if you are a big fan of the game and are sick of bringing it around in 2 to 3 boxes, this is the perfect solution! <br><br>RESPONSE: <br>Mighty fine review! Many thanks!

Top-Notch Quality!

I have the Firefly Game plus all the expansions and was trying to figure out the best way to store when I saw what the Broken Token was doing. It's hard to believe but all the expansions do fit nicely into the one box and the quality is fantastic. I'm very glad I bought this. <br><br>RESPONSE: <br>How wonderful to hear! Aim to Play More Games!!

A Perfect Purchase for a fan who can afford it.

An awesome means of storage for the core game and all the expansions. It even fits cards that you sleeve (which I do for nearly all of my games). <br><br>It makes set up a lot easier thanks to the modular nature of the box itself. Its solid construction and has an nice finish to it. I am glad I was able to get one of these. <br><br>Yes the one you put together yourself is cheaper, but if you can afford it, I highly recommend putting in the extra for the quality work you get for it.<br><br>RESPONSE: Yeah this makes us so happy to hear, it's why we do what we do!! Enjoy!

Big Damn Crate is Really Damn Cool

I like the crate. It fits everything. With sleeves, some of the decks take up the slot for the deck and the discard, but that doesn't bother me. There is also no real space for any other expansions, but I'm not sure what could be added to the game at this point (non vanity expansions).

Awesome but with opportunity for improvement

I'm extremely happy with this absolute beautiful crate. It's not really a cheap acquisition but I don't regret anything.<br><br>2 suggestions for improvement:<br>- There is no possibility to choose a color for the finished crate. I can imagine that the crate would look great in glowing purple with yellow letters. Or in black with light red letters. Or in green with golden letters. ...<br>- There is no overview which tray was meant to keep which cards.<br><br>But all together a complete jewel in my collection.<br>Thank you for making this happen.<br><br>RESPONSE: Glad to hear you are happy with it. I love the idea of a purple crate :D I don't know if even more personalized choices will be something we add on for future Limited Editions but it is certainly a fun idea. I'm pretty sure that would increase the cost even more but you never know , upgrades could be fun. We have had the feedback on the card placement and are taking that into consideration for upcoming projects, but in this particular case you can really feel free to set it up the way that makes the most sense for you!! Game on my Friend - Aminda

Amazing Beautiful box

The thought and detail that when into creating this masterpiece is unbelievable. This crate is far more than a storage tool but a complete organization achievement. Plenty of space for expansions. Spaces for both the used and unused decks of cards, Reducing necessary table space to play. The amount of effort I can see they had to do to stain, sand, felt, and together the contents of this are worth more then the cost to purchased it. It's so Shiny! <br><br>RESPONSE: From one gamer to another, thank you for your kind words. We love this project and it means a lot to know it appreciated and most importantly it gets the game to the table more, that is ultimately our goal! Game On My Friend - CS Meeple, Aminda

A Work of Art!!!

So excited when we finally received our Big Damn Crate, Mighty Fine Edition. The craftsmanship was flawless and the attention to detail was superb. We couldn't be more pleased with the work Broken Token did on this box. I would highly recommend their products to any avid gamer looking for storage solutions!

Tracey fits snug as a bug

The Big Damn Crate is a spectacular piece of craftsmanship, enhancing gameplay and providing a beautiful way to keep it all together. We happened to be playing Firefly when it was delivered. We were only playing the basic game due to space constraints, but that changed as soon as we loaded up the BDC. It makes setup, game play, and clean up so much easier. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys playing Firefly.<br><br>RESPONSE: This makes our day!~!!! Thanks!

Shny, Shiny, Shiny!!!

This arrived in the mail a few days ago and I opened it right away. It is absolutely incredible!!! The stain, the felt, the look, the size, everything is high quality and I couldn't be happier.<br>That said, the one MINOR improvement would be to include a sheet to display the recommended component storage of this Crate. <br>I can't wait to use it, as it allows the decks to be pulled directly from storage in the Crate, and placed on the table. This will keep the game, while being played, well organized, as well.<br><br>RESPONSE: OH we love to hear this!! The MFE's have been a labour of love around here and knowing they have gone to good homes makes us very happy! We have had a few people ask about "where does this go" information and it's something we are looking to add to the website and videos. Hopefully the current website pictures help a little and if you are ever in doubt just contact us we'll help you figure it out!

Terrific and fully assembled

Firefly typically requires a great deal of table space. With the Big Damn Crate all of the cards are organized for play requiring a much smaller footprint. It also includes two identical boxes to organize all of the counters and tokens -- one for each side of the table. It even has locking holders for all of the ships and dice plus a spot for the game mat. This is a perfect addition to the game.