Big Damn Crate


Product Description

Is it getting a little crowded in your sky? We swear by our pretty floral bonnets this will end your organizing woes. The Broken Token presents the Big Damn Crate, an all-in-one organizing solution compatible with Firefly: The Game and all of its expansions, published by Gale Force Nine.

Aim to misbehave sooner with more than a dozen shiny removable trays for all your cards, tokens, and ships. Each removable card tray is stackable, with a draw and discard slot, allowing you to play the game right out of the organizer. Two identical token trays means each player can access their wares for their perfectly legitimate business enterprises with ease, without slowing down the game. Do your jobs and get paid easily with the removable bank tray. Also includes felt pads to protect your table surface. Supports sleeved and unsleeved cards.

This organizer supports sleeved cards and holds all current expansions, with at least a little room to spare! When you can’t run, you crawl. And when you can’t do that, let The Broken Token carry you.

NOTE: All new Big Damn Crate kits INCLUDE The Broken Token Crime & Punishment Upgrade Tray.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. . We recommend a high quality wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

Firefly™: The Game is a trademark of Gale Force Nine™. This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Very Shiny

I finished staining and assembling my BDC this morning and I am thoroughly impressed and happy. The crate itself is very high quality and the pieces fit so well that I did not even use glue on 90% of the parts (the ship trays needed a little glue). Everything was packed and protected for shipping very well. Plus there are very nice instructions and construction diagrams so assembly was trivial.<br><br>Now, I have not actually played a game yet but I have one set up in a couple weeks and am eagerly anticipating using the crate for the first time. I already know that the dual token boxes will be very awesome. Plus, it appears that one of the card holders is designed to display the three current wanted crew members, so that will be useful.<br>All-in-all, this crate will make the entire game very easy to set-up, play, and tear down.<br><br>That being said, there are a few MINOR (frankly nit-picky) concerns I have about the design:<br>1. There are seven supply decks which provides a design challenge for organizing the decks. In the end, one of the supply decks has to share a spot in the card tray with the Wanted and Misbehave decks. We will see how that plays during a game.<br>2. My vinyl map fits VERY tightly. I am considering trimming down the plastic tube by about 1cm.<br>3. I'm not sure where to put the cardboard Alliance/Reaver contact cards.<br>4. The ship cards simply sit on top of everything. It works but my OCD wants a slot or holder or something.<br><br>In summary, this is the item I have been waiting for and I am completely satisfied. Well done Broken Token and thank you.<br><br>Response: Thank you for the review! We definitely recommend wood glue and it is a necessity for the exterior box or you risk it coming apart when loaded with all the weight. Look for loose joints and if you spot any, glue them up before it becomes a bigger issue. Thanks!

Incredible! Absolutely incredible, but pricey!

First off, I would just like to say that the Broken Token makes amazing products. I've purchased 7-8 organizers from them and I've been mostly happy with all of them. A good organizer will make your game nights so much better. They will save on setup/take down time and will make overall gameplay more efficient and, well, organized (duh). Saving time and making things easy is (in my opinion) what an organizer should be about.<br><br>The Big Damn Crate organizer for Firefly: the Game is absolutely amazing! It perfectly organizes everything the game has to offer, including all of the expansions. You can play the game right out of the organizer, which severely cuts down on setup/take down time, which was a huge problem with the game (in my opinion). My friends and I love Firefly: the Game, but the setup/take down time, combined with the lengthy play time, kept us from playing it very often. Now with this organizer, everyone seems much more willing to play simply due to the massive amount of "saved" time.<br><br>Now as you can clearly see, this organizer is not cheap... In fact, its so expensive that I almost didn't buy it, but I'm glad I did. Unfortunately, the price will probably keep most people from buying it, which is too bad because this thing is fantastic! Its money well spent if you love Firefly: the Game and want to play it often.<br><br>The organizer comes with 2 identical token trays, which are very helpful. No longer do you have to dig through a ton of plastic bags to find the tokens you are looking for. The simple fact that there are 2 trays allows you to keep a tray on each end of the table, so you no longer have to pass tokens around. Each deck of cards (and as you know, there are many decks) has its own slot and area for discards, and since you can play the game straight out of the organizer (watch the video), your game table will no longer be filled with these cards! So not only do you save a ton of time by using this organizer, but you save a ton of space!<br><br>I gave this organizer 4 stars (instead of 5) solely due to the price. I understand that a lot of work went in to the design (thats obvious) and I'm sure between the production, manufacture, paying employees, etc. that it probably needed to cost a lot, but $160 is incredibly expensive. When I first saw the organizer, I thought it was going to cost about $100 and I was hoping it would be a little less than that. The $160 price tag blew my mind and almost kept me from buying it. If I didn't love Firefly: the Game so much, there is no way I would have even considered an organizer this expensive. To be honest with you, I still can't believe I spent the money on it, but I can honestly tell you that I'm sure glad I did.<br><br>As I said before, this organizer is simply awesome! The main flaw with Firefly: the Game is the lack of organization and this organizer addressed that problem on all fronts. Again, if you play the game a lot or want to play the game a lot, then you need this organizer. It nearly cuts game time in half and it definitely cuts the needed table size in half.


We like this organizer!<br>Although pricey, it is still the same quality product we have learned to appreciate from TheBrokenToken.<br>Packaging was great and assembly simple and straight forward.<br>Parts were so meticulously crafted that many of the assemblies required no gluing.<br>I wanted to stain it, but my wife likes the blonde finish better, so so I am just going to seal it with the original finish.<br>The card racks are an excellent addition, They reduce the game footprint on your table a great deal!<br><br>This is the fifth organizer we have purchased from TBT and we look forward to acquiring more.<br>Perhaps they will develop one for Small World in the near future. ;D

Impressive stuff

I'll try not to cover what the previous reviewers have said as I agree with almost all of it. I decided to finish mine with a polyurethane stain. It turns out that I'm not particularly good at that sort of thing. I stained the parts while still on the sprue which resulted in some of the polyurethane getting into the seams, making them difficult to remove. I had almost no fit issues, but the ones I did have were the result of the stain collecting in puddles. I scraped the area free of stain and fit was no longer an issue. The wood of the box seems to be of higher quality then the thinner interior pieces in that the finish came out much smoother with less sanding. Again, probably my fault, I started the staining process on Sunday evening and the box was finally assembled on Wednesday night. I added some brass corner pieces for the top and feet for the bottom which added a nice touch. I think I might need to add some latches for the lid as it is only held on by gravity and friction at the moment, but that would make playing out of a vertical box difficult, there is not much room on the sides for the kind of latches I'm thinking of.<br>In the end I'd say well worth the time and effort overall. I'd complain about the price, but I paid it with only minimal grousing because the game needed this pretty badly, and it looks very nice on the shelf, and the table. Thanks Broken Token, you've never let me down

If not a "Must Have", then definitely a "Should Have"

If you are considering buying this, it's because you already know and love Firefly: the Board Game. There may be some other reasons, but I'll wager the majority fit that description. <br><br>The other reviews tell you how well it works. That's not to be disputed either. It does what it's meant to do and it does it well.<br><br>So what I'm going to review is my experience, from purchase to play, in an apartment with no real outdoor work area, and on a table just slightly larger than the Whole Damn Verse matt.<br><br>Lead time from purchase to Ship was less than 24 hours (and I purchased on the weekend)! <br><br>Ship time was 2 days (I'm fairly close to Escondido, so that's no surprise).<br><br>There were several issues with the contents of the package. Like another of the reviewers, one of my acrylic covers arrived with a broken tab. A quick email to TBT and they sent out a new one. The broken one still worked, but it was looser than I was comfortable with. Also my box did not contain any instructions, or the felt. The Instructions are available on this website, so no loss there. I wasn't intending to use the felt, so I did not contact them for replacements. I'm sure if I did, they would have been just as prompt and professional as they were about the cover.<br><br>I wanted to stain the box to give it some character. Without adequate outdoor space or ventilation, I went with a water-based stain. Two 8.8 oz tubes of Minwax Express Color Wiping Stain and Finish was enough to do a single coat of all the pieces. If you want more, purchase accordingly. I recommend using actual cloth painter's cloths/ shop rags. The paper based ones tear and leave debris. I was able to finish the stain in a single evening (4-5 hours of work). I used the spray lacquer and technique from the TBT video. I did it on my tiny balcony, and used a great deal of plastic drop cloth to save my windows/furniture.<br><br>Assembly went well enough. Get yourself a knife or some other way to score or cut the parts out. If not you run the risk of splintering and ruining your stain. I also recommend having some method of getting into the nooks and crannies to clean out excess stain, and to wipe off excess glue. I used a set of picks for the stain, and Q-tips to reach the corners where my hands could not reach to get the glue. Full Assembly took two evenings.<br><br>I also added some brass corners I found on Amazon. The screws were too long on those, but that was nothing a Dremel couldn't solve. The finished product looks Amazing sitting on my shelf.<br><br>One of the reasons I bought the BDC was to save on table space. My coffee table is the only readily available table space I have for gaming. With all the expansions, there is only room for the map. I've played several games now straight from the box. If you put the rack with the bounties at the top of the stack, then you can still use the slots to display the bounty cards. because the cards sit at an angle I've found that putting the box on a lower surface than the table helps for quick identification of decks. The money tray does not function well inside the box either, but it's easy enough to take it out and put it on top of the box. It has significantly streamlined setup and break down, as well gameplay.<br><br>$160 is a great deal to spend on a box for a board game. And you can certainly play the game without it. But when I think back to the tuck and tackle boxes I was using before the Big Damn Crate, to the 30 min setup times, it is not with any fondness.<br><br>RESPONSE: What an awesome review!! I love all the tips! Have you sent us a picture already? I'm really curious about the brass corners!! And yes anytime you need anything I'm here for ya' :D <br>Aminda


I love this box. I waited forever for this box to come out and now that I finally have it I wish I had another complete set of the firefly game so I could get another box. It was an easy build. Staining the box was the only time consuming part but well worth it in the end. <br><br>The only issue I have is that one of the clips on the acrylic glass top, for the token tray, broke as I was sliding it back into place after only the second use. I was pretty devastated by that. Otherwise it's perfect. <br><br>RESPONSE --- Contact us , we'll replace the acrylic lid. No devastation allowed :D

big but worth it

Firefly is my favorite game. We rarely played it though because of the setup time. This box take care of everything relation to that problem. Putting it together was a snap (I do recommend finding a rubber mallet though, that outer box was tough to fit together.) and required a surprisingly little amount of glue. The price tag can be scary no doubt about that but you are getting a real fine quality product.

Wonderfully detailed design with a spot for it all

This box is beautifully designed to hold everything Firefly: The Game. I'm very impressed with the organization and utility. Having the stackable card holders makes for a much better contained play space, and having two trays for play pieces makes managing tokens much simpler for multiple players.<br><br>Staining it can be a chore if done yourself, so you might consider buying it pre-stained. I opted to apply a varnish, which brought out the natural beauty of the wood wonderfully.<br><br>I would love if The Broken Token supplied a map of where to put game elements, though figuring it out isn't hard. Some tips for people that have never assembled something like this would also be nice in the box.<br><br>RESPONSE!<br><br>Thank you for your wonderful review and your excellent feedback. I'm passing on those suggestions to the design team! Game On

I'm a leaf on the wind

I have purchased a number of broken token inserts over the past couple years, and this one did not disappoint. If you are a big fan of Firefly and Firefly the Board Game, I'm assuming that you probably already have all the expansions or are currently getting all the expansions. This is a definite must have for your Firefly Board Game experience. Do not let the price of this product sway you to turn away. It is definitely well worth the price. It is very well made and goes together very well. I even put my own stain finish and laquered mine, and it looks lovely. Thank you Broken Token for creating an organizer that was long overdue! You guys are amazing!

The Perfect Organizer

The assembly of the box was pretty simple. There are a lot of parts so it will take some time, but overall it was pretty easy and quick. The organizer looks great and stores everything safely and easily. I love that the crate can be used to play from. The amount of cards is an issue with Firefly, however, this crate helps to alleviate that issue some.