Arkham Museum Crate


Product Description

You might not be a curator of a museum full of dark and powerful artifacts, but you do have boxes and boxes of unorganized terror of your own. Keep from losing your sanity with the Arkham Museum Crate organizer compatible with Elder Sign from Fantasy Flight Games. This crate is designed to store all of your tokens, markers, cards and more within a premium wooden crate. It includes 3 removable trays to help store all tokens from the base game, as well as its expansions. There is plenty of room for sleeved cards with adjustable dividers including front facing card rows for the mini card decks to be used during game play. Above the mini card rows there are pockets for the dice, gate tokens, and large pocket to be used as a monster cup. A pocket in the back of the organizer holds expansion instructions, the clock, and entrance sheet. Navigating a museum trying to kill you is difficult enough, find the elder signs and save humanity with this kit from The Broken Token!

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This product is a kit that requires assembly. . We recommend a high quality wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

The box I've been waiting for!!

Preordered the box as soon as I saw the email. I have a few other BT products, so I knew the quality was going to be there. It was very easy to assemble. I used the instruction book, some, but followed along with the BT YouTube video on how to put it together. Then i followed the “How it Fits” vid to store it all. <br><br>I enjoy the ability to play right out of the box. The three token boxes are very nice and help keep everything organized during play. A little pricey, but hey, it’s not an insert. It’s a crate. I love it and I will always recommend it to any gamer who owns Elder Sign.

Play out of the box

Ever since my first Broken Token organizer, I've been hoping for an organizer for Elder Sign. This organizer was worth the wait.<br><br>The design is great. The lid is a novel design and works perfectly for this organizer. The etching on the front of the box looks great and our visitors have already commented on it. The design internally works and looks great too.<br><br>My favorite feature is the slots for the small cards. I can just leave those decks in the box and draw straight from there. Only the adventure decks are on the table during play. The portion of the box for storing the monsters also works well as a monster cup. Not getting everything out of the box (boxes if we were playing an expansion) saves a lot of setup time and a considerable amount of table space.<br><br>Whether you prefer functionality or appearance; you will be satisfied with this kit.

Lovecraft would be proud of it ;)

It holds the main game plus every expansion. You can play it out of the crate. Great design.

Great product

I have Elder Sign and all of the expansions, and haven't played it nearly as much as I would like to because set up and take down was such a pain. None of the storage/organization options I had previously explored were quite right for me. I was very excited when Broken Token finally produced a crate for Elder Sign. This was my first BT purchase. I'm not very handy or crafty, and I've never done anything with wood stain before. I used BT's instructional videos and stained everything, put everything together, and lacquered the box. I am absolutely delighted with the finished product. My husband commented that he thinks I got my money's worth just from my enjoyment of that process. The videos made it look easy, and it was. Without them, I probably would have been too intimidated to make the purchase.

Great Product with some fragile...tentacles?

I bought the Arkham Museum Crate with pre-order almost the moment I got the email announcing its release!<br><br>I have been waiting for this (and requesting it in the poll) every chance I get!<br><br>I decided to do do a little extra work and used a water based stain with green added to it to give it the proper Elder Sign feel to it. I even added red in the eyes of the cthulhu statues outside the museum! Even though I did have some issues getting eyes done on one statue I wish they let me upload pictures as I am really proud of how it came out!<br><br>Okay, so enough of the gushing. <br><br>The product itself it pretty well built. It was easy enough to assemble and I decided to follow Broken Token's videos for where they stored all their cards and pieces. The only thing that I noticed that bothered me was the depth of the slots that attach the inner compartments to the bottom half of the box. I was expecting them to be flush with the bottom of the box once assembled but they left a small gap. This is due the bottom being a much thicker board then the inner board. As long as you add a little glue to keep the bottom together you should have no problem though.<br><br>Since I stained and lacquered the box I also did a lot of sanding to make it nice and smooth and this is the one warning I would give. in order to make the amazing tentacle look of the compartments they are very fragile and when inserting the card slots make sure you are not pushing against them, or snag them when sanding, them or they will break very easily.<br><br>This isn't a fault of the box. In order to make it look that amazing it was necessary. It might be a little bit pricey, but it is well worth not having to keep track of 5 boxes for this game anymore.

Just right to hold Elder Sign

I have Elder Sign and all expansions and had been looking for a good storage solution. This is really excellent. Not difficult to assemble, looks great and holds everything! There's even room for at least one more expansion, probably for two. Very pleased w/ this product.

One of their best (4.5 stars:)

Awesome engineering; very tight fit of all the pieces. Some of the wood had blemishes but I like to stain my stuff so that took care of it. <br><br>For the 1.5 version of this crate (in this order); deeper, larger token boxes; a removable card and/or discard holder/tray, integrated dice tower and/or a monster cup. option for a cheap strap clamp for holding the larger pieces while the glue dries.

The Stars are Right!

I've been waiting for this organizer for a while and have voted for it in every poll they've had since my Elder Sign exploded out of the original box. <br><br>The wait was completely worth it! I have the base game and every expansion, and this box holds everything! And it can easily accommodate a few more expansions.without any problem. <br><br>It's very thematic with it's tentacled dividers and the museum facade. and the cases for holding the monsters and other tokens are very clever. Plus, there's small tentacle punch-outs on the clear plastic lids that you may be able to re-purpose for some other Cthulhu game (or at least I plan to).<br><br>Assembly was easy to follow, and I put it together over the space of a few hours one evening. Not any problems on the instructions and all pieces came out of their sheets without a problem.<br><br>If you're an Elder Sign player, this is an accessory that is simply a must-have.

Room to Grow

My wife and I recently started playing Elder Sign and love the game. We only have the Unseen Forces expansion, but we definitely plan to put this beauty to good use when we (eventually) buy the other expansions. <br><br>The instructions were well laid out, assembly was easy. One comment I would make, not a negative, but I found the large card dividers a little difficult to remove, like they weren't quite cut through enough in the tentacles. Other than that, this crate is a beautiful addition our collection.

Almost perfect


Great at fitting Elder Sign and all it's expansion. Unfortunately, doesn't have a good place for the Grave Consequences instruction cards. For how I wanted to space the cards without grouping decks, It really needs more dividers. At this price, I'd rather not have to order another page. It's great overall, but 4 stars for being a bit short of those dividers.