Arkham Altar


Product Description

With the city of Arkham infested by cosmic monstrosities, and an Ancient One's invasion just a few portals away there's no time to be disorganized!

Get out on the streets of Arkham faster and wrap your investigations up with ease using our Arkham Altar crate compatible with the 2nd Edition of Arkham Horror from Fantasy Flight Games. This crate is designed to store all of your tokens, markers, cards, and more within a premium wooden crate engraved with thematic art. Includes 23 large card section dividers and 20 small card section dividers.

It's already a madhouse in Arkham and it's getting worse by the minute, spare your flagging psyche the added stress of sorting through game elements and save what little precious time is left with this crate from The Broken Token!

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This product is a kit that requires assembly. . We recommend a high quality wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token. All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Accept the Madness, the Atlar is worth it.

This crate can and at moments will drive you into madness! The end result is really well done though. I have been waiting a long time for an organizer that stored the entire game (w/expansions) and I feel Broken Token took the time needed to produce a quality organizer.
<br> I feel if you are a lover of the game the price is worth it.
<br>Pros: Fits all expansions, has many trays and room for all the bits and pieces, plenty of room for cards, can keep stands on investigators for storage, seems pretty sturdy, has some art/tuxture to outer cover. Cons: long process to build, some pieces were VERY tight to fit and difficult to assemble (where others smoothly came together), burnt edges smear and dirty the light wood next to it, not enough dividers for cards imo.

Appropriately maddening for Arkham Horror (In a good way)

It really does fit literally every bit of Arkham Horror (2nd edition)! Makes setup, playthrough, and cleanup much simpler.
<br>Some notes about assembly: Expect to spend an entire day or weekend but that's part of the fun, right? Expect to use a lot of wood-glue. Seriously: double check which piece goes where before gluing! The investigator tray was the trickiest component. Bar clamps are useful for the lid and base, be careful to make them actually square. Sanding the edges of the main structure, base, lid, and drawers is especially helpful for getting it all back together.
<br>-Fits every expansion
<br>-All components are readily accessible
<br>-Attractive and sturdy
<br>-Doesn't come with enough card dividers; you'll need the extra page available separately or group some decks together.
<br>-Too tall/heavy to fit on most shelves.
<br>If all that doesn't drive you properly insane, you'll love it :)
<br>4 stars for not including enough card dividers at this price.

Love the idea, but poor execution

I love that it fits all the expansions and that its a suitable imposing structure. However, I have to think that Broken Token has gone a little too insane with the construction approach for the main storage unit, given how intricate/many connections are needed at some steps, the rather warped laser cut pieces I got have made it an exercise in futility. I'm not sure I'm every going to be able to get mine together at this rate and I've had no problems with about 5 other organizers I've gotten from them.
<br>RESPONSE: Hey Eric, create a ticket here We had some sanding issues that made a handful of these nearly impossible to build. We will replace any parts that aren't working.

Fantastic Construction, Fantastic Organization

This is a work of art. We applied a stain/polyurethane coating to it and it looks great. This is a truly intricate piece of art work. As someone who has constructed numerous inserts and crate (I had previously done the one for Elder Sign and had bought the Fireball island at the same time as this one) this is by far the most complex. A rubber tipped hammer is absolutely required though. I hate to bring it up but I got mine from meeple realty and it's a godsend for assembly of these things. Clamps or patience are required for the outer case though.
<br>RESPONSE: Thanks for the awesome review. Rubber mallets are a great tool indeed, regardless of where they come from.
<br>Those larger pieces have shown to be a little susceptible to warping, clamps are indeed the way to overcome that issue. You get a 5 start customer rating :D

crazy organizer for an insane game

Very nice crate. holds everything in one box. had to adjust my shelving system a bit but fits nice with the rest of my games. my only issue is not enough dividers. I knew that going in and got 1 of the extra dividers but I need 2 more of them I'm going to order. I think with all the expansion this game has, the base amount just isn't enough for anyone putting it together. You certainly aren't always playing with all expansions. definitely needs more large dividers standard with the kit. Actually if we could order sheets of the large dividers separate from the mini ones, that might be better. Only other issue I had was some single parts were a little warped but I got it together.
<br>Response: Glad to hear it all came together. Remember, if at any time you end up with unusable parts, just put in a ticket here and we are happy to help you:
<br>We hear your feedback about the dividers. It's often a tough decision whether to include more or not so we are taking this into consideration.

Great case for great game


This is a fairly well executed idea for a single storage option.
<br>As I was packing it there were a couple of minor things I might have changed but since I can't remember them now they were very minor. If you sleeve your characters and elder gods you will need to store some of them in the misc drawer. Which is fine.. it all fits.

The best available storage option for this immortal game

<br>- highly functional in play
<br>- big space saver on the table
<br>- space saver in the closet (compared to all the original boxes)
<br>- excellent customer service from BT, as usual
<br>- there are not enough card dividers included -- even Broken Token's own "How It Fits" video assumes you have purchased two extra card divider sets, and at this price it was frustrating to realize they cut that particular corner
<br>Neither pro or con:
<br>- design assumes you have sleeved cards; I do, but if you don’t then you will have a lot of extra space in the card sections
<br>- very time-consuming to assemble because, unlike most Broken Token box inserts, the "box replacement" crates like this one really do need to be glued on pretty much all the joins (for many this would be a con but I love putting these things together!)