Aeon's End Organizer

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Key Features

  • Works with Aeon's End or War Eternal Boxes
  • Includes 10" Box Band-it to keep your box lid secure
  • Five removable trays.
  • Supports sleeved and unsleeved cards

Product Description

You have a new ally in the eternal war against chaotic game boxes with the Broken Token’s official insert for Aeon’s End and Aeon’s End: War Eternal by Indie Boards & Cards. Our pinwheel design card rows allow for maximum card storage. Four removable trays organize all your tokens, life dials, player mats, and nemesis mats. Gravehold needs it’s breach mages, get back into the fray with The Broken Token.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately)

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Aeon's End by Indie Boards & Cards. 

Indie Boards & Cards, Aeon's End and their logo are trademarks of Indie Boards & Cards, 809 Kozera Dr., San Jose, CA 95136

Product Information

  • 10.63" x 10.63" x 4.29"
  • 1.8 lbs

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

NOTE: due to the dimensions of the War Eternal and/or 2nd Edition of the Aeon's End box there will be approximately 3/4" lid lift. A 10" Box Band-it is included to secure the box lid during transport and storage. The first edition box will have approximately 1/4" lid lift. This insert can hold all the contents for Aeon's End, War Eternal and expansions, but using thicker ultra premium sleeves may diminish the card capacity.

Supports Expansions:
  • The Depths
  • The Void
  • The Outer Dark
  • The Nameless

Absolutely Wondeful


Wow! Before I bought this, I thought about building my own via foam core, and making it fit. But, the more I thougt about it, the more this appealed to me.

Well, I bought it and quickly assembled it (though I did use some glue and even some clamps to hold things while the glue dried.)

I am impressed. Lots of room for just the base game, so obviously I needed to order every expansion available!

I ended up only modifying the "health tray" - removing the center divided as I found some D10 Spin Down dice to use to track health and it made more sense to hold 10 dice than put a divider between them.

Every thing about this organizer screams well engineered! I love how the parts fit together and how easy it makes for setup and tear down. It's just a pleasure to use and is very sturdy.

Sure it raises the lid about an inch, but I found that I really don't care about that - I just love the storage. And, it easily holds my sleeved cards (Mayday Premium). Setup is a dream!

When you're assembling the parts, it would be very helpful is you have enough room to lay out the 7 sheets in order; but I didn't have that kind of space. So what? The instructions make everything very clear and assembly is very straight forward; nice diagrams tell you which parts are on each sheet.

Well done!

Better can't be !


A pure perfection: everything is thought to the millimeter, detailed and very precise instructions, simple assembly, the organizer fits perfectly and contains all the cards, even sleeved! Congratulations and thanks a lot!

Comprehensive storage


This organizer is great, and holds everything except cards made obsolete by the 2nd edition upgrade (which is fine...use the empty expansion box for those, if you feel compelled to hang on to them for spares). And I mean, expansion, accessory pack, with a little room left over. (Note: I don't sleeve cards)

No two ways about it...this puppy is a project, especially if, like me, you go all-in and use wood glue on every single join to make this a solid build. It took me several hours of meticulous, diligent work to assemble it. The good news? I'm not a crafter, not by any stretch. If you can read clearly labeled pictures, if your hands are reasonably steady, and if you have a small hammer which you can use gently but can assemble this kit. It's been made that easy, and the tolerances are that good. I made as much use of the hammer as the wood glue, mostly because the last thing I wanted to do was push too hard and snap a piece, and partly because the hammer let me put the exact amount of force I desired precisely where I wanted it to ensure that all the joins were tight wood-on-wood (which I'd recommend even if you don't glue).

I also got very little lid lift...maybe a quarter inch...on a 2nd edition box so the included box band is more insurance than necessity. The unit fits snugly in the box (you may have to press gently to seat it), and it definitely makes an impression when you pull off the lid and start hauling out trays and blocks of cards and are ready to go in minutes. Let's face it, there are a lot of pieces in the box, and if you were willing to put out the money it took for the game plus expansions, it's probably going to be worth the time it saves you setting up to play to buy and assemble this organizer.

Slight lid lift, but hardly noticeable.


This is the second organizer I've put together. The first was Dresden Files and that was a piece of cake compared to this one... but I had fun! My KS version of the original game + KS version of War Eternal fit in here nicely, but it makes the box HEAVY. Very glad BT included the box band. Contrary to the description, there actually is a little lid lift with the KS original box... maybe 1/8 of an inch... not enough to worry about. The included Box Band-It takes care of that. Nice product. I can only hope that maybe they'll consider making organizers for Ghostbusters and/or TMNT Shadows of the Past. Those game boxes are a mess inside.

My god, it’s full of cards


I have to hand it to them, I can now fit my Aeon's End, Aeon's End War Eternal, and all expansion cards into one box. It holds everything nicely, and since I have the original box from the first kickstarter, there is no need for the band.

Keep in mind, that part of the benefit of the Accessory Pack (if you have it) is to have enough crystals and sparks to have each mage's deck pre-sorted to make setup quicker. Unfortunately, the number of cards to do that is just too much for the insert to hold in addition to all the other randomizers, gems, relics, spells, and nemesis cards. Instead, I just have the starter cards organized by crystals, sparks, and unique starter cards with enough of the first two to support any player count.

In the end, it just comes down to space, and I don't see how they can get any more into the box.

Holds everything


Another great organizer that fits everything. I don't sleeve so I have plenty of space. I use the original box from the first Kickstarter and it does leave a very slight lift.

Will fit upgrade pack and sleeved cards, barely


This insert will fit Aeon's End, War Eternal, the four retail expansions, and the upgrade pack -- all sleeved -- so long as you don't use premium sleeves for everything. I used KMC perfect fits for all of the player cards, and Dragon Shields for the nemesis decks and randomizers, and it all barely fit. Adding this insert is a great way to keep all of your Aeon's End stuff in the same box.

Great Organizer


This was easy to assemble and is sturdy enough to stand up to frequent handling. There's space for everything in Aeon's End and War Eternal, plus all expansions, and still extra room for whatever comes out next.

No better solution available


this is my umpteenth organizer from broken token, and still no disappointments.

it seems some people with the second edition boxes are having issues. i fortunately have a 1st edition so fits like a dream.

the only thing i wish now is that the original box was bigger so that the organizer could fit even more! unfortunately this is a consequence of people wanting more earth friendly smaller boxes, i end up polluting a TON more due to needing to find other solutions for what doesn't fit. oh well.

So glad i purchased this organizer. I may purchase a second one to use as another set of card rows and just trash the extra trays.

A great organizer that falls short of awesome


Broken Token makes great organizers. This one is no exception. But due to some engineering hurdles, anyone who is new to Aeon's End and has the 2nd edition or War Eternal boxes will find an organizer that doesn't fit their box... something that BT has always striven for in the past: perfect fits.

You do, however, get an organizer where you can get all the content from 1st or 2nd edition Aeon's End, War Eternal, and the other expansions all into a single box. A must-have, considering the flimsy cardboard inserts that come with the game are lousy. There's even plenty of space to have both the basic tokens and the upgraded gems and dice from the Accessory Pack.

I only wish it was designed for the shorter 2nd edition and War Eternal boxes instead of the taller 1st edition box. Especially since it was timed to release with the 2nd edition. At least then it could have been made to fit a 1st edition box with a spacer underneath the organizer. A couple other options might have been to make it a stand-alone game crate instead of an organizer for the original box. Perhaps BT could make an add-on for the organizer: Spacers so you can have the lower section in one box (Aeon's End 2nd edition), and the trays in the other box (War Eternal).

Works as advertised!


I was able to get both Aeon's End and War Eternal + all expansions into this organizer, sleeved with FFG Premium (thicker) sleeves. I wasn't able to fit the randomizer cards, and there is literally no room for anything else, although I could've saved room by not using the starting deck for each mage and just putting in an amount of Crystals and Sparks and then the mage's unique cards. I used the original Aeon's End box and there was no box lift.

Works very well with a few caveats


The insert will fit Aeon's End, War Eternal and the 4 expansions sleeved in KMC perfect fit sleeves.

The fit is a bit tight - I could only use 2 of the 4 dividers provided, but the cards can be removed reasonably easily. If you want to put everything in the box, I would not use thick sleeves.

If you aren't going to sleeve, the provided dividers are sufficient to organize the cards.

Some of the tabs are a very tight fit, and a couple are loose - you will probably need to glue 1 or 2 pieces.

The health token holder may rock a bit above the divider in the breach section.

There are spaces for more tokens than the game currently needs, and it can hold the accessory pack gems as well as the tokens.

If you have the 1st Edition of Aeon's End, that is the perfect box for this. It does work with the 2nd edition or War Eternal box, but there is lid lift with those boxes and you should use the provided band to hold the box closed.

The playing mat will not fit inside (to be expected - this inset uses up all available space and there really isn't any space left).

It is very easy to set up and put away the game with this insert.

Sooooo organized


It's awesome! I love how everything has a spot and it makes finding everything quite easy. Plus, it was fun to build :-)