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Unfinished Wooden Artist Case and ORG010 Organizer


Product Description

Hobby Lobby All Media Artist's Supply Sketch Box (#125005) installed with an assembled ORG010 organizer with 6 rows of card storage and 24 adjustable dividers. We also install dual elastic straps in the lid to hold all of your manuals. 

Nice case

The outer case is very solid, and lovely to boot. I had to take off and rebuild one of the hinge latches that was coming apart, but that was a pretty easy 20 minute fix. The interior ORG010 insert wasn't fully seated, and most of the dividers ended up underneath it, but once I fished them all out from under it, it popped in flush. I'm guessing both of the above issues were the result of some trauma during shipping. Once I got it all squared away, I was able to fit in 15+ Munchkin sets and all their instruction books with room to spare.<br><br>RESPONSE: OOOH munchkin storage done right!!! Thanks for letting us know about the latch. If you have any issues or questions please don't hesitate to ask! support@thebrokentoken.com

Great For KDM

Ordered this case to home the many cards that come with Kingdom Death Monster and its Great. Now it wont hold all of the Core game and current expansions but using the game box and this i fit it all very well.

far out, solid, & right on!

i love these boxes and especially that they come with the dividers. i'm a bit OCD when it comes to sorting my stuff and these hit the nail on the head.<br><br>i would've liked to get the one with custom artwork, but they were a little too much, so i will be painting mine.<br><br>my only small complaint is that the dividers (when on the same notch as the next row) were annoyingly hard to remove. once removed and replaced, they are fine.