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Unfinished Wooden Artist Case and ORG010 Organizer


Product Description

Hobby Lobby All Media Artist's Supply Sketch Box (#125005) installed with an assembled ORG010 organizer with 6 rows of card storage and 24 adjustable dividers. We also install dual elastic straps in the lid to hold all of your manuals. 

Great storage for Star Wars LCG

All of the expansions currently released (through October 2015) easily fit with room for tokens and sleeved decks. A great solution for any card game.

Great wooden card case

Im enjoying this case already!<br>all my cards fit perfectly and the way you can organize everything is just great in sleeves and whitout!<br><br>( cards that i use are Card Fight Vanguard ).

Better than expected/alot of room

I was unsure about this box at first and took sometime thinking about it before purchasing it. I was very happy when it came and was very impressed with the size. I also purchased the tray that fits inside nicely. But, I did make a mistake and not get the horizontal card organizer for the cards so that the Tray and the cards fit in properly.

Yes, it's expensive, yes it's worth it.

First off, get the extra tray. For the price, it's really a must-have. <br><br>The card keepers fit in here like the case was made for them, it's really kind of weird how they fit perfectly. And it holds thousands of cards. Great organizer for several card games. Get rid of all the little boxes, put the cards in your "game case" and put the manuals in the tray.<br><br>Now I'm considering taking it apart and painting it. It looks like untreated wood, should take regular spray paint with no issues.

Excellent storage case

After watching several videos of people putting together many of your products, I was expecting a project for the Artist Case. It was a nice surprise to have a complete case. the construction is great, Love the dove tail sides. My only complaint is there are not enough dividers included in the box which was easily corrected by buying more insert sheets<br><br>RESPONSE: Glad it was a smooth process for you, makes us happy! The dividers quandary is always a balancing act, thanks for the feedback

Exactly what I needed.

I was fine trying to create an insert for one or two expansions for Dominion, but once I got the third expansion I wanted a solid case. This case is perfect for my cards.

Everything Marvel Legendary

So I have all the expansions for Marvel Legendary plus the base game and Villains. One case dose not hold them all when the cards are sleeved. Going to need another case for the rest. I had my collection in four boxes (Base games box, Villians box, Secret Wars box and X-Men box)> Hoping you make a deluxe product that will hold all the cards, the board and playmat(s).<br><br>But I love this case.

Dominion (Sleeved) storage solution

I bought this case in order to store my sleeved Dominion cards since the new manufacturer has made the box inserts slightly smaller for the last 3 expansions (great for those that do not sleeve cards, now too small for sleeved cards). I managed to fit all of the kingdom cards for all the expansions in the ORGO010-6 Row box with a little bit of space to spare. This ended up being the perfect solution for me since I used to carry all of the boxes around with me which was becoming more and more difficult once I was up to a dozen boxes of Dominion lol.<br><br>The insert for the case fit surgically. I have never seen a product of such high quality when combining an item from 2 different sources like this. Amazing job! I am definitely going to recommend Broken Token to all of my tabletop gaming friends.

Excellent, needs a little modification.

I really like these cases. I have 4 of them for storing magic cards. I chose the 5 row standard card organizers.<br><br>The only downside to storing standard cards in these cases is that there is about 3/4" of space above the cards which makes a lot of noise as you carry them around. Fixed it by buying some 3/4" foam from Zoro and putting it in the lid. The trade off there is that then you can't really use the elastic to store any pages/booklets/manuals/etc.

Small complaint.

Too much play in the small dividers, they tend to fall out of place when cards lien against them . otherwise I am very satisfied and will be ordering more. <br><br>RESPONSE: we do have some fixes for loose dividers, contact Aminda via the website and she can help you find a solution, no one likes useless dividers!