Japanese - Theme Set

SKU: ACS5041

Product Description

This set contains a total of 78 coins in the following sizes. - 36 Tiny (15mm) - 15 Small (20mm) - 12 Medium (25mm) - 9 Large (30mm) - 6 Jumbo (35mm)

All coins have approximately 3mm thickness.


Compatible game suggestions:
  • At the Gates of Loyang
  • Imperial Settlers
  • In the Year of the Dragon
  • Macao
  • Nations
  • Rise of Empires
  • Sid Meier's Civilization
  • Tokaido
  • Yedo
  • Yunnan

Good set, with a significant drawback

Overall, this coin set is good, but, as is the case with other sets I've ordered from BT, the smallest denomination coin is almost worthless: they are extremely small and flimsy, almost not even the size and weight to even classify them as a coin!

My only gaming coins.

I really love these coins. I really like that there are more then 3 denominations, and the size difference between the coins is also really helpful. I made a soecial tray for ghem and I use them with alnost every game since they dont have denominations on them. They are outstanding and I am buying a second set.