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Product Description

Our Gloomhaven Dungeon Accessory pack is perfect for converting your cardboard Gloomhaven tiles into 3D masterpieces.  The city of Gloomhaven never looked this good!

This master accessory kit contains one pack of each dungeon accessory that we make for Gloomhaven.  The complete list of accessories and quantities are listed below.  There are a total of 130 pieces.
TOK100Chest (6)TOK109Barrel (3)TOK118Rubble (6)TOK127Thorns (4)
TOK101Pressure Plate (6)TOK110Totem (6)TOK119Log (3)TOK128Stalagmites (6)
TOK102Spike Pit (6)TOK111Fountain (1)TOK120Stairs (4)
TOK103Bear Trap (6)TOK112Crystal (2)TOK121Crate (2)
TOK104Poison Gas (6)TOK113Door (6)TOK122Cabinet (2)
TOK105Boulder (6)TOK114Bookcase (4)TOK123Shelf (2)
TOK106Sarcophagus (4)TOK115Wall Section (6)TOK124Table (3)
TOK107Stone Pillar (6)TOK116Nest (4)TOK125Bush (6)
TOK108Altar (4)TOK117Stump (4)TOK126Rock Column (6)


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