Forged Key Token Set

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Product Description

This complete set of accessories compatible with KeyForge: Call of the Archons, is sure to enhance your gaming experience.  Save by purchasing the entire set of tokens in one convenient package!

3 Keys
18 Power Tokens
23 Damage Tokens
10 Shield Tokens
10 Stun Tokens
32 Amber Gems
1 Chain Tracker

Product Information

  • 1.1 lbs

The Secret is Tweezers


I purchased two of these sets to replace the tokens that came with the starter set. The quality of the tokens and chain trackers that I received was of the same high standard that one can expect with Broken Token's products.

There was one caveat however. The transparent protective covering that's adhered to each of the keys can be very hard to remove without damaging/scratching the acrylic. I busted one of them up real good as I learned that a simple eyebrow tweezers or an X-acto knife and a steady hand would not suffice. If you decide to purchase this set (or the keys by themselves), please learn from my mistake and find a good set of hobby tweezers beforehand. The remaining 5 keys looked great once I changed my approach.

RESPONSE: I love that you found the "key" to getting this done, but it sounds like you are now stuck with one that's all scratched up? Send us a ticket online and we'll replace that for you! Thanks for the great review and information