Eclipse Resource Trays

$7.99 to $35.99

Product Description

Eclipse resource trays were designed to keep all of your resource cubes organized on the table.  No longer will you have to worry about someone bumping the table causing your cubes to go flying.

Available in sets of 3, 6 or 9; and with or without an acrylic bottom. Select options above.

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

De-Mess Your Cubes

This is for me a must have.

All it needs to be

No frills here, but it does the job it needs to. Sturdy.

I can now spend more time with my family

Before acquiring the Eclipse Resource Trays from Broken Token, my life was a mess. I barely had any time for myself. Between work, taking the kids to swimming lessons and walking the dog, I often fell asleep while arranging the 9 sets of population cubes for the weekly Eclipse game. I used to line up the rows with the side of the rulebook, but as I was dozing off I would often mess it up. This usually also drew the attention of the family cat, who carefully took care of the rest.<br><br>But now I am a new man. Thanks to Broken Token's Eclipse Resource Trays, set-up time is fast and fun. Cubes fit in well and also have enough room to be picked up easily.<br><br>As they're bottomless, I can also remove them before play and have my friends think I arranged them by hand, just like before. However, I do keep them on when the cat is around. No more cube-golfing for him!<br><br>The trays have a very slightly bend, but that is not really noticeable during gameplay.

I love these trays

I got the product extremely quick via USPS. The trays work great and speed up the game and setup time. It also helps for storing the game with a couple of rubber bands.<br>I recommend this for any Eclipse player.

It's good, but not sure if it's the right solution for storage.

It's good and exactly what you could ask for. I bought this with the eclipse organizer, and discovered that I want something better. You can't please everyone, but I wish there was something that allowed me to store it like this. I'm currently using the top cover, stacking it, and wrapping everything with a rubber band. That's not a great long term solution.

Great organiser but storage could be better

The trays themselves do a great job of keeping the cubes in place. They are easy to get in and out and won't shift with a decent bump.<br><br>The only downside is that the storage could be improved. Even a simple cardboard sleeve would be a great addition. It's nothing that a few elastic bands or a DIY sleeve won't fix.

Nine Person Game Changers

In smaller games these cube trays aren't as big of a deal, however in a nine person game when you have chaos everywhere (and perhaps a pet cat or two) these trays are absolute game changers. As far as I am concerned they should be part of the main game, and are more of a necessity instead of a luxury. I strongly recommend them.

Darn near necessity.

Absolutely makes setup simpler.

Nice trays

The description is accurate and the trays work great. I'm with the other reviewer who suggested 6 tops instead of 1 for storage. You _can_ stack all 6 trays together with one top, and it does take up less space than 6 trays + 6 tops, but I still prefer to be able to give each player their own "kit". This is, after all, a convenience item and as long as I'm being lazy I want to be reaaally lazy.

Fast Delivery to UK

Ordered this to the UK, delivery was relatively fast (it arrived at UK customs within 5 days but got held up there for 10 days afterwards)<br><br>This is a luxury item for Eclipse but it does speed up setup and get rid of the problem with cubes scattering if someone bumps the table. <br><br>You can get around the issue of only having 1 topper by tying a few bands around all 6 trays with the topper at the top to stop the cubes going everywhere.