Eclipse Resource Trays

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Product Description

Eclipse resource trays were designed to keep all of your resource cubes organized on the table.  No longer will you have to worry about someone bumping the table causing your cubes to go flying.

Available in sets of 3, 6 or 9; and with or without an acrylic bottom. Select options above.

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token.  All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.

Product Information

    Game Compatibility

    As Expected


    The trays work as advertised and were delivered promptly.

    Helpful for the dexterous.


    These trays make the game feel much less delicate which is exactly what we needed them for. A downside for me though is that if you aren't developing your resource production evenly it becomes a little tricky (though not very) to get the cubes out of the tray.
    I would recommend this product.

    Does the job


    I was a bit bummed that the guys releasing Eclipse didn't make the player boards out of thick card board with holes for all the little counters. But this tray helps them stay in place. Which is rather nice since I have a tendency to bump into stuff.



    Essential for any eclipse player. Never fear bumping your resource cubes again.

    It is what it is!


    These are not storage trays to keep your resource cubes organized between games. They're templates to keep them organized during games, and they're very good for that purpose. Anyone who's played a few games of Eclipse knows how annoying it is when the table is bumped! The acrylic is nice and heavy, thick enough to keep the cubes from being knocked out easily.

    The only keeping me from rating these a 5 is the price. True, you don't get much economy of scale out of niche plastic products like this, but it still seems a bit steep for what you get.

    Saves a lot of headaches


    One of the biggest problems I had playing Eclipse was the table being bumped and the resource cubes flying all over the place. This product saves me from that trouble and allows me to spend more time enjoying the game instead of trying to remember where my cubes used to be.

    Does the trick


    Bit pricey, though.

    Does exactly what it is supposed to


    Nice product made from sturdy material. Solves the dilemma of the population cubes getting knocked around the board. Highly recommend.

    Awesome product


    These make Eclipse go smoother by keeping all your resource cubes from moving when the table gets knocked

    Fixes the most annoying part of Eclipse!


    It stops the cubes from moving! I couldn't tell you how many times my gaming group has had to reverse-account the current setup. It is an ingenious system for a game, but this makes the execution even better!

    Works as intended


    Nothing flashy here. Works great for keeping the cubes organized.

    I decided to get a 6 pack of these ones because the only reason to get the ones with bottoms is if you're going to store the cubes in the trays. Well, I have the expansion pack which brings up the player count to 9, and I highly doubt that I'm ever going to have a game larger than 6. So instead of getting a 9 packs of trays w/ bottoms, I just got these instead and store the cubes normally.

    Works as advertised


    It solves the dilemma of the population cubes getting knocked around the board. Works great

    Yep, it's a tray that holds population cubes


    Quite simply it does what the player boards should have already done. It's good, and I can't see them breaking accidentally any time soon. Only downside is that it's fiddly to get some cubes in the middle track out between the other cubes, but then it was fiddly to do that anyway - with these, it means you won't bash all the other cubes out of the way while doing it. Ace.



    Best addition to make to any game of Eclipse to help keep things in better order. We had only played the copy of the game I got once so far, but keeping things in order was by far the most annoying aspect if the table even slightly shook, which is going to happen.

    Problem solved!!!


    These simple trays solve a huge problem of managing resource cubes. I really don't know what else to say other than they work great!

    Must have upgrade for Eclipse


    These work really good to keep the cubes organized. Does a great job of keeping the cubes in place. We played one game without these and it is a major hassle to keep the cubes straight. My only complaint is the holes are barely bigger then the size of the cubes, which makes it a little bit of a chore to get them setup. Once they are setup though, these trays are invaluable.

    Makes game set up much quicker and easier!


    Very nice trays! I wish they each had their own snap on lid so I wouldn't have to worry about the cubes spilling in the box but otherwise a great product!

    Does exactly what it says it does


    I agree with some of the other reviewers about the idea of a sleeve or something similar to hold them loaded while stored. But stacking them using the included extra flat piece and rubber banding them I am just fine with.

    Just what you need


    From the moment I began to play Eclipse I wanted something like this. Here they are--durable, clear, and precision-cut.

    Necessary addition to Eclipse


    These should've come with the game. Seriously. Organizing all those stupid little cubes? One errant elbow and they're all over the floor.

    The trays are solid, clear plastic that allow you to see the board beneath it - perfect. I also got the ones with the bottoms because why not?

    Again, it's dumb that the game doesn't come with these. They should just license them from Broken Token because the trays are perfect.

    De-Mess Your Cubes


    This is for me a must have.

    All it needs to be


    No frills here, but it does the job it needs to. Sturdy.

    I can now spend more time with my family


    Before acquiring the Eclipse Resource Trays from Broken Token, my life was a mess. I barely had any time for myself. Between work, taking the kids to swimming lessons and walking the dog, I often fell asleep while arranging the 9 sets of population cubes for the weekly Eclipse game. I used to line up the rows with the side of the rulebook, but as I was dozing off I would often mess it up. This usually also drew the attention of the family cat, who carefully took care of the rest.

    But now I am a new man. Thanks to Broken Token's Eclipse Resource Trays, set-up time is fast and fun. Cubes fit in well and also have enough room to be picked up easily.

    As they're bottomless, I can also remove them before play and have my friends think I arranged them by hand, just like before. However, I do keep them on when the cat is around. No more cube-golfing for him!

    The trays have a very slightly bend, but that is not really noticeable during gameplay.

    I love these trays


    I got the product extremely quick via USPS. The trays work great and speed up the game and setup time. It also helps for storing the game with a couple of rubber bands.
    I recommend this for any Eclipse player.

    It's good, but not sure if it's the right solution for storage.


    It's good and exactly what you could ask for. I bought this with the eclipse organizer, and discovered that I want something better. You can't please everyone, but I wish there was something that allowed me to store it like this. I'm currently using the top cover, stacking it, and wrapping everything with a rubber band. That's not a great long term solution.