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Boards and Bits Traveler Bag


Product Description

Take up to 20 games securely on airplanes for family trips or vacations. Carry it on or check it in. Take a ton of games to gaming conventions. Carry all your favorite games on cruises where you have limited cabin space. Easily transport games from cabin to table and back. Compactly take a game library with you on road trips. No need to worry any more about space in the car!  Game nights are a breeze with the Boards & Bits Traveler. Take up to 20 games without boxes or 4-6 games with boxes.  Going on a weekend get-away? Bag is large enough to fit clothes, toiletries, shoes, laptop, and several board games. Just take a single bag.

The number of games that can fit in the Boards & Bits Traveler depends on (a) the bulk of each individual game and (b) the method in which the games are packed.

Plastic bits bags not included. You can pack game bits however you like: freezer ziplock bags (our favorite), plastic baggies, etc. You can even slip in planos and other storage solutions.

When you’re not traveling, shuttle games to and from regular game nights with padded protection by removing the velcro boards/bits divider and simply placing your games in the bag!

The Boards & Bits Traveler is designed with sturdy "wrap around" straps. The shoulder strap and handle straps wrap all the way under the bag (as seen in the image below), strengthening the bag and allowing it to carry some hefty weights. The bag also has double stitching in critical areas.

Games sold separately.

One bag to carry them all!

I have two of these bags and use them frequently. I run a game night at my local pub and these bags allow me to several games up to the pub every week for folks to play. I like to bring 8-10 games each week for folks to have options for playing. Without these bags it would be impossible. I love the fact that they are rigid bags and protect my games extremely well.