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Anglo-Saxon - Theme Set

SKU: ACS5081

Product Description

This set contains a total of 78 coins in the following sizes. - 36 Tiny (15mm) - 15 Small (20mm) - 12 Medium (25mm) - 9 Large (30mm) - 6 Jumbo (35mm)

All coins have approximately 3mm thickness.

Good set with a significant drawback

Overall, this coin set is good, but, as is the case with other sets I've ordered from BT, the smallest denomination coin is almost worthless: they are extremely small and flimsy, almost not even the size and weight to even classify them as a coin!

Adds a Lot to your tabletop!


These coins make a great addition to almost any game which uses a coin as tokens- much more fun the cardboard cut outs!
<br>Some “heads-ups:” The smallest coins are very, very small, but we have found a place for them in a few games. That being said, I think it would be helpful to offer different sets- a set with 3 varieties (the larger coins) in greater quantities would probably meet most people’s gaming needs a little better. Also, these coins do not stack well because of the elevated faces and less-than-regular shapes. It hasn’t bothered me, but it’s probably worth knowing before you buy.
<br>Overall, exactly as advertised and a great product.