12mm D6 Set Grab Bag (36ct)

$9.99 $7.99

Product Description

This is a grab bag lot that consists of matched sets of 12mm D6 dice.  Each set includes 36 matching dice.

Colors and styles are random and you will receive 1 set of 36 matched dice.

Picture shows samples of color and style.  Packaging may vary.


Small & Useful

They are smaller than standard sized dice, which are 16mm I believe. The dots are drawn on evenly and there are no scratches, chips, or discoloration. I received a swirled metallic dark green color and they're very aesthetically pleasing. I got them in a plastic bag but I dumped them into my dice bag anyway so not getting the plastic case wasn't a bother.

Just what they advertise!

I received mine in the bags and not the cubes. That's fine, they arrived in perfect shape. One set was a generic transparent, the other was an out of production cirrus. If you like random (and you're looking at a product that's a grab bag so you should) you'll like this.<br><br>Just in case it wasn't clear you're going to get 36 of the same type of dice. You're not getting a random mix of 36.