10" Box Band-Its (5)


Product Description

Box Band-Its provide an easy and secure way to keep your game boxes closed during transit. Includes (5) 10" bands.

Our 10" Band-Its work great for large-sized game boxes.

Works exactly as expected

Headline says it all... these bands hold the box together/closed.

It's two, two, two bands in one!

We've probably all used rubber bands of various sizes to keep game boxes shut. But, finding large-enough rubber bands that are wide enough not to destroy the boxes in the process is often difficult.<br><br>These rubber bands are nice and wide, *and* they are actually *two* bands in one, so you can use one band around both the length and width of your box!<br><br>They work great, and come in three sizes, to fit any game box. Buy a pack of each, and you'll be all set for whatever comes your way!

awesome product

Perfect for when you take your games to a friends so the parts don't spill out during transport

Perfect for Keeping your Games Contained!

If you have a game with several expansions or you have made crafty modifications to the point where your box won't close/shut all the way, these are perfect. We have games with expansions in the them where the lid does not go all the way down. If we are traveling the lids might come off due to this. These box bands are perfect to keep the boxes closed and secure. We have confidence now that we when open our luggage that there will not be game pieces all over the place.


These things are awesome, wish I had known about them years ago

A Must Have for all your Games !

Perfect rubber band-its to hold my games tightly closed. Easy to use, inexpensive to use, great fit , and I no longer lose my game pieces !

Great bands for travelling around with games

These fit any large rectangle size box game. For example, these are a perfect fit for Through the Ages, Legendary, Kemet. They also fit standard squares like TTR, Tobago, Netrunner etc.<br><br>They will also fit standard rectangles like Thurn & Taxis, Orleans etc OK, albeit a tad loose.<br>Quality is great and they are cheap.