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Standard-Sized Card Organizer for Wooden Artist Case

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Product Description

Product Description

This is a 5-row organizer for the Hobby Lobby All Media Artist's Supply Sketch Box (#125005) designed to hold standard-sized cards like Magic: The Gathering, Cards Against Humanity, Poker playing cards, etc. Also fits Hobby Lobby Black All Media Artist's Supply Sketch Box (#1301050) with a cardboard spacer. 

This kit comes ready-to-assemble with 18 adjustable dividers and is constructed from 1/8" Baltic Birch plywood.

NOTE: Wooden Artist Case and cards are sold separately. If you'd like to purchase this organized pre-installed in a wooden artist case please see our Unfinished Wooden Artist Case w/ OrganizerDominion Case and Organizer Set, or Custom Engraved Wooden Artist Case with Organizer.

Download ORG011 Organizer Assembly instructions.

For more general tips on assembly, please read our Assembly Guide

ORG011 Dimensions
Length Width Depth
15.329" 12.044" 2.559"
# Rows Length Width Depth
5 11.0267" 2.99" 2.559"
CARD CAPACITY (w/ Stock Dividers)
Unsleeved .1mm "Premium" Sleeved .04mm Sleeved
5133 2123 3835
CARD CAPACITY (No Dividers) 
Unsleeved .1mm "Premium" Sleeved .04mm Sleeved
5316 2199 3972
Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.



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Product Videos

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  1. Exactly What I Wanted

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Jan 2017

    I got these dividers with some hesitation due to mixed reviews; but I have to say, I don't know what the complaints are about.

    Removing the pieces from the sheets was the most difficult part, I would highly recommend you use a X-ACTO knife or razor to cut the pieces free. Twisting them out may cause issues. Assembly was a breeze, be sure to follow the instructions and use tape on the outside corners and edges. I used painters tape and it worked well - the whole set fit very snugly in the box, no wiggle room whatsoever. The dividers fit very tightly, and each row can hold Ultra Pro Flip Boxes and Clear Card boxes if rotated.

    I would also recommend buying the cases at Hobby Lobby, they frequently have 40% off coupons for a single item. You can get the case for about $16. I bought the Black All Media Artist's Supply Sketch Box (#1301050) and I didn't need a cardboard divider - I wasn't sure what that was referring to.

    Super pleased with the dividers. I'll be ordering my second set today.

    RESPONSE: Thanks for the awesome review and the great feedback!

  2. Not what I expected but not bad quality.

    Posted by Adam on 16th Jan 2017

    I was hoping that I could use this as a brief case for all of the cards that I carry around on a regular basis. When I finally assembled it I knew it wouldn't work as hoped. There was a significant gap between the top of the cards and the top of the case. I tested it with a bunch of commons I keep around and they tumbled around and became disorganized. I'm thinking it could work as a card brief case if you buy the organizer with the 4 slots where the cards can lay on their side and then purchase some foam to fit in the top of the box.

    RESPONSE: I'm a little concerned, this should not actually happen if you have the right size cards in there? We may have some suggestions or be able to help you better utilize the kit, just email Aminda -

  3. Great quality

    Posted by Tyler Hess on 21st Dec 2016

    Everything fits together like a glove, and the burnt edges from the cutting device make for a very nice look. I'm incredibly happy with the product.

  4. Worthless dividers

    Posted by Crystal Shepard on 17th Nov 2016

    I got this to hold all of the cards from my smaller games where the cards wouldn't fit in the box when sleeved, like the Oniverse games, or Star Realms. It looked great, because it had dividers that could be placed where you want to fit the amount of cards you had.

    Looked being the operative word. The dividers didn't, wouldn't, couldn't stay in place. I finally got them to stay in place by gluing them there. Maybe Broken Token would have taken their organizer back if I complained, but I had already bought the box for it.

    Anyhow, so much for the dividers that could be placed wherever you want.

    Between the artist box and the organizer with shipping, I'm out $50 for a storage solution that's actually *less* flexible than 50 cent cardboard card boxes.

    RESPONSE: I am so sorry you had this experience. This is not at all how you should be experiencing this organizer. Please message our customer service manager Aminda at - this goes for anyone that reads this: if any product does not work as intended please contact us - we can usually troubleshoot dividers, or replace parts that aren't working as intended.

  5. It works!

    Posted by Scott Everts on 8th Feb 2016

    I bought mine to hold the cards for "Shadows of Brimstone" which eventually will have an enormous number of cards once all the expansions come out. After reading about people having trouble with flexing center dividers, I decided to glue the whole thing into the case. I bought my case from Hobby Lobby and removed all the inside pieces. You need a screwdriver to remove the top parts. Then used Gorilla Wood Glue to glue it together. Before it dried I ran glue along the entire bottom and pushed it in. Then used the dividers to keep the center dividers straight while it dried. And now everything is really solid and nothing shifts at all. All dividers seem to stay firm in their slots.

  6. Sigh. Seeing breakdowns.

    Posted by David Chien on 10th Dec 2015

    I used this for my extensive Legendary cards and it's really starting to fall apart.

    I think the additional wood joins don't allow for a persistent clean connection. A lot of my wooden dividers are now not able to connect properly as the walls start to flex. I have even had to deconstruct the frame and flip some of the wood pieces so that the wood can bend in a 'tighter' way.

    I really wish either (1) the front and back walls are one true piece, or (2) the dividers go deeper into the slots, or (3) an interlocking wooden base is added to this to give it extra structural support.

    Response: Contact us via email so we can help.

  7. Loose dividers, but issue can be solved easily

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Oct 2015

    I noticed some of the small dividers were coming loose when moving the box around. There was slight bowing of the long dividers keeping the small dividers from staying put. You can line up small dividers on other rows to keep the bowing in check and push the long dividers close enough to each other to hold the small dividers in place. After storing cards for a day or two, the bowing seemed to settle down even when dividers were removed. Very nice, but heavy, storage solution. I'll admit I'm a bit nervous carrying the Hobby Lobby case around as the latches don't snap in securely, but that is no fault of this product.

  8. Great organizer for standard size card games

    Posted by Gary on 19th Sep 2015

    This is a great organizer for standard size card games. I am just finishing up the on the hobby lobby artist case for my Star Wars the Card Game. I am looking forward to getting a few more of these for my other games. I am going to use this for cards against humanity and ascension plus other that may come up.

  9. Has a Few Issues

    Posted by Rich on 28th Aug 2015

    I have owned both types of the PACG organizer and have consistently had the same issue: the dividers seem to not fit very well and often fall down, mixing the cards together. I purchased this and the artist case thinking that the issues I was having were with the fact that the game box sides were not rigid. I got this all put together and noticed that one of the dividers looked odd. Sure enough, one of the dividers fell out of its slot. I think the issue is that the middle rails just are not strong enough and bow.

  10. Great Quality

    Posted by Brandon on 24th Aug 2015

    I have no complaints at all. I was a little afraid that I was going to break it because the insert fit so snugly.

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