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Sleeved Card Game Organizer

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Product Description

Product Description

This card game organizer is compatible with many games by Fantasy Flight, AEG and Rio Grande Games.  It was designed to support sleeved cards.   Included with the organizer is a set of 9 adjustable dividers.  Sets of 9 additional dividers may be purchased separately.

This version of the organizer is designed for sleeved cards and provides two rows of card storage plus one additional row for cards and tokens.  See Unsleeved Card Game Organizer for the unsleeved version of this organizer.

Column 1 and 3: 11" Long (280mm) x 3.75" Wide (96.2mm)

Column 2: 11" Long (280mm) x 3.125" Wide (81.2mm)

The height of the organizer is approx. 3mm shorter than the height of the box allowing for storage of manuals above the cards.

Compatible with:

  • Android Netrunner: The Card Game
  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, 1st Edition
    (for 2nd edition see our ORG007 "Broken Token Box Organizer for Living Card Games (Compact Box)")
  • Warhammer Invasion: The Card Game
  • Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
  • Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game
  • Star Wars: The Card Game
  • Thunderstone (big box)
  • High Command, Hordes/Warmachine (core box)
  • Doomtown: Reloaded
  • Dominion

Download ORG006 Organizer Assembly instructions

For more general tips on assembly, please read our Assembly Guide

ORG006 Dimensions
Length Width Depth
11.255" 11.256" 2.605"
# Rows Length Width Depth
2 11.0267" 3.799" 2.605"
CARD CAPACITY (w/ Stock Dividers)
Unsleeved .1mm "Premium" Sleeved .04mm Sleeved
1893 783 1415
CARD CAPACITY (No Dividers) 
Unsleeved .1mm "Premium" Sleeved .04mm Sleeved
1985 821 1483
Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.



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  1. Excellent

    Posted by Michael on 17th Oct 2016

    I own two of these along with two long bit boxes for the center column of the organizer. I use one for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn and the other for Netrunner.

    For Ashes: I have the base game and the first 4 Expansion Decks stored in it. I think I have room for one more round of expansions. I think it works great for my purposes. I typically play with the pre-constructed decks so it's great to store each character deck separately and ready to go. I did have to get an additional set of dividers to do this.

    For Netrunner: I loved this as a method of sorting the base game and first wave of data packs. I now use binders to store all the cards (only because there are so many cards). I think if you aren't a "competitive" player and don't have to have new pack that comes out, this is a great solution for LCGs. It can store every base set I've seen plus numerous expansions.

  2. Awesome Dividers!

    Posted by Nick A. on 8th Sep 2016

    I purchased these dividers for a game that wasn't technically listed for them; Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. The dimensions of the box were similar to the ones listed above, and searching Ashes on the site yielded these as a result. It's been perfect!

    The dividers took a little bit to stick together all the way, just took a dice "hammered" the last corners of the exterior pieces together. Once I did that, all of the individual dividers fit snuggly together. I would suggest purchasing an extra set of dividers with this just because more than six are necessary for most games.

    I'm exceptionally happy with this purchase. I'll definitely come back if I need to fill out another box with organizers!!

  3. Great Value for Money

    Posted by Mark on 8th Jul 2016

    This organiser was JUST what I needed. I'd been agonising over how to best store my LOTR LCG cards (in and ordered manner... cos let's face it all gamers are just a tad OCD) and couldn't find any convenient solutions... this was perfect, fits neatly into the box, and has enough space and slots for all my player decks as well as several expansions worth of encounter decks. Perfect!

    Makes our day to read reviews like this!! Thanks

  4. Well Packaged Product

    Posted by Corey Thompson on 20th Jun 2016

    This is a great product at a reasonable price! It shipped way faster then expected, which is awesome, and I was impressed with the packaging and the quality. I'd highly recommend their products for games you intend to keep in the box. It was perfect for Ashes: Rise of the Pheonixborn, which isn't getting double sleeved and stored in a binder like some other card games.

    However, it would be awesome if they found a way to include a small tube of wood glue or even some strips of tape. The product doesn't "need" either, but they do suggest it and the minimal amounts required don't justify the cost or effort of purchasing either separately.

  5. good card oganizer

    Posted by Ryan on 1st Jun 2016

    fits the box nicely and made it easier to get cards in and out because of the dividers

  6. Great product marred by bowed wood

    Posted by Jason H. on 29th May 2016

    First, let me say that I love Broken Token products and I buy their organizers and accessories for every game I own that they have products for.

    This is the first time I have had a problem with any of their products and looking at the other reviews here, it looks like it may be a fluke in my case. After assembling the organizer, I found that the long wood pieces were bowed and would barely hold the dividers properly. If the box was moved around even only a little bit, the dividers would fall off and the insides would be a mess with all the cards.
    It seems like a couple other reviewers have also run into this issue.

    I assembled the organizer with great time and care and also taped the corners as recommended. Needless to say, I am disappointed with this organizer and would probably need to make some modification to save it.

    I still love the Broken Token and will continue to buy their products...

    Response: Jason... We apologize for the issues you are having! Please contact us at so we can get replacement parts sent out to you right away!

  7. Great Way to use Game Boxes in an Organized Way

    Posted by Bradford Taylor on 6th Apr 2016

    I really like this product for use with Netrunner. I have every card made for Netrunner and store them in two Core Netrunner boxes.

    The wood is a good Birch (I think) that is finely sanded. It's light but sturdy for it's weight (it is NOT balsa wood like what those flimsey hobby planes are made of). They fit together nicely. I have no problems with the organizer dividers coming apart while they are in the box.

    Compared to other solutions, I also like the price of the organizer.

  8. Simple & Elegant

    Posted by Jordan on 31st Mar 2016

    I have heard of The Broken Token for a while and had wanted to get an insert for my Lord of the Rings card game since I saw the insert. I'll put all the blame on Marty and Tony from Rolling Dice and Taking Names they represented Broken Token so well that I ran over here to get this insert to hold all my delicious cards. The insert was super simple to construct, only took about 15 mins and now all my decks are separated with tons of extra room for expansion.

  9. Very Surprised

    Posted by Rick Baca on 4th Mar 2016

    I have seen this organizer used by other gamers, but haven't ever used it myself. I decided to check it out for myself. I ordered the sleeved game organizer and was very surprised at how easy it was to put together. The overall look of the organizer within the game box with the contents of the game made for an impressive sight. In future I will only use Broken Token products to keep my games organized.

  10. Beyond Convenient

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Feb 2016

    I recently got heavily into an LCG, purchasing two core sets, expansions and several additional packs. Sleeved everything, but had to keep all cards in sandwich bags, which was essentially chaos. I purchased a couple of these liners and now have everything organized beautifully. Customer service is also wonderful. Would HIGHLY recommend.

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