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Imperial Organizer

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Product Description

Product Description

Put the Empire in its place with our Imperial Organizer compatible with Imperial Assault! Flexible and adaptable to your collection: our organizer features 9 trays to hold game pieces, boards, figures, 175 large sleeved cards, 360 small sleeved cards, with room left over for two AT-STs. Some dividers may be removed to allow space for even more figures.


  • 9 removable token trays
  • 12 adjustable card dividers
  • Holds multiple expansions including Twin Shadows

Arrives as an easy-to-assemble kit.

Download ORG032 Organizer Assembly instructions.

For more general tips on assembly, please read our Assembly Guide

Product Videos

Product Videos

JODAD reviews the Imperial Organizer by Broken Token 10:26

Wayne Erik from JODAD reviews the Imperial Organizer by Broken Token. It's an organizer for Fantasy Flight's Imperial Assault.

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  1. Very happy

    Posted by Adam on 10th May 2016

    Fits great in the box, with space for an additional AT-ST if you choose to purchase the booster pack. I needed to use some white glue to keep all the trays together, but everything was a perfect fit. I only own the base game and some booster packs, not sure if this would hold the pieces from the other expansions as the box is pretty full.

    Very happy overall, definitely recommend.

  2. Very good, with a few flaws

    Posted by Jeremy Henderson on 21st Apr 2016

    I'm overall very satisfied with this organizer, but it was a little bit disappointing compared to my previous purchase (the Dead of Winter insert, which was perfect). The fact that they designed a workable organizer for such a game at all is pretty amazing (damn you and your multiple sized cards!).

    I'd say that glue is pretty much required on this insert, unlike DoW, which fit together perfectly tight without needing any additional reinforcement. And unfortunately I experienced a few places where the cuts were so tight that the wood splintered when I tried to tap them together with a rubber mallet. The damage is cosmetic only, and doesn't effect the overall integrity of the boxes, but still, it was a bummer to see.

    A few of the figures are a little too big for the slots, but there's enough room in the bigger Nexu slots to store them, so it's not that big a deal. I honestly don't know how they could have crammed anything else into the box. The design of the organizer is excellent, as expected; it used to be a chore to get IA to the table because setup and cleanup were such a chore, and now most of the hassle is eliminated, we get to play it a lot more often.

  3. Great Organizer for the Price

    Posted by Bradford Taylor on 6th Apr 2016

    I've order a few of Broken Token's products and I LOVE this one.

    The chaotic nature of using the existing box for this game drove me nuts. I got this organizer and it put every thing in the box safely in order.

    Before ordering it I looked at other foam options for this game. They cost more money than I wanted to spend and wouldn't use the existing box. This organizer is less expensive, uses the existing box and stores everything really well.

    As I've said in my other Broken Token review: I like the Birch (I think) wood that they make them out of. It's light but sturdy for it's weight. It's nicely sanded and appears to be laser cut.

    This product did require some wood clue to keep some of the boxes together. As accurate as their cutting may be, the organic nature of wood and how it can change with temperature and humidity can make it impossible to have a tight fit for everything. My technique is to assemble the box, put a dab of wood glue on my finger, run it along the seems and wipe up the excess with a web paper towel (cloth would be better). It's quick and easy and provides really good binding.

    For my money, this is the best organizer you can get for this game.

  4. Believe it!

    Posted by Ryan Mayerat on 21st Mar 2016

    Yoda would be proud of Broken Token, they believed and therefore, did not fail to produce a top quality product. I have the core game, Twin Shadows and Return to Hoth. All the products, ally packs and tiles fit perfectly into this organizer. It also left room for some Twin Shadows minis.

    Hopefully, once Bespin Gambit comes out, another organizer can be made to hold all the expansion products.

  5. Very nice.

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Feb 2016

    Great organizer. The only drawback is that it doesn't hold everything. The option to purchase additional trays would be nice to cover the expansions without having to buy the whole kit again.

  6. Great organizer for Imperial Assault

    Posted by Dave Thompson on 18th Feb 2016

    I have several inserts from Broken Token, and this one is the best yet. It has room for all my tiles and figures and labels in the trays to show you where the various tokens go. It was pretty easy to assemble. A rubber mallet is a very useful tool during assembly. No glue was needed, but I did use clear tape on some of the corners that were a bit loose. Overall an excellent product.

  7. Great Stuff

    Posted by Daniel Edwards on 11th Feb 2016

    Perfect. Any kind of plano plastic organizer would just not cut it compared to this perfectly attuned design. Great to have the trays out and handy which do not require any digging with fingers as much as typical plastic organizer solutions do.

  8. Great Organizer

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Feb 2016

    Well engineered and produced. Easy to assemble. Highly recommended.

  9. Great design and assembly

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jan 2016

    Great design for the product and easy of assembly. There's room to expand and the components fit snugly in the box with no bulging.

  10. Flexible and complete

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jan 2016

    First off, I just put the 2 big monsters in the top tray, no big deal. The figures, most of them can go 2 in each slot. There's plenty of room left. I inverted the center beam in one of the 2 trays so I can remove dividers as I add figures and pack many into a small space. I think a mistake many have made is considering the trays as display cases. They're not, pack the pieces in groups and you'll see how flexible this gets fast. I'd have rather seen dual thinner top trays with size-specific storage, but, as I've not seen some dxpansions yet that might be more trouble than it's with.

    I have a lot of these now, and I have not found an alternative of even remotely similar quality for the price. I'll have dozens of inserts by the time I'm satisfied. Keep me coming guys, where's my Settlers box?

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