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Gloomhaven Organizer

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Product Description

Product Description


Orders containing Gloomhaven Organizers are being fulfilled in the order in which they were received. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for new order fulfillment.

Outside the relative safety of the city of Gloomhaven, adventure and fortune awaits the brave and bold. Make your game box its own haven for the weary mercenary with The Broken Token’s officially licensed organizer for Gloomhaven by Cephalofair games.

17 removable trays make set-up and tear down a breeze. A large tray holds all the 2-sided map tiles with an etched stacking order to help find the right tiles and pack back up. 4 identical trays hold the party’s active character’s ability cards, attack modifier cards, collected item cards, character tokens, character pad, character board and hp/xp dials and trackers, as well as a spot for the character standee for first edition copies of the game. The miniatures tray holds all the character miniature boxes with cutouts making it easy to remove the right one. 2 identical trays hold the 2-sided overlay tiles with a third smaller tray for the trap overlay tiles. 1 mini-card tray holds the 4 base attack modifier decks, blessing cards, curse cards, negative modifiers, battle goal cards, random scenario cards, and all item cards with enough dividers to separate all the cards by type and items by prosperity level. The standard card tray holds road and city events; separated by available, locked and used events; personal quest cards, and both types of random dungeon cards. The standard card tray also has a “secret compartment” under the cards for the Town Records Book and sealed envelopes. There are 3 “combat” trays, one holds all the status tokens (the 2nd edition redesign rendered the blessing and curse tokens obsolete so the tray was redesigned to hold the 8 rather than 10 tokens), one holds damage tokens, money tokens, xp tokens/scenario aid tokens, and element discs and round tracker for set-up, the third tray holds the summons and their trackers and number tokens. Finally there are 3 monster trays, one for plastic stands, another for the monster stat sheets and sleeves, the third holds 30 custom full color tuck-boxes that store the monster attack modifier cards and each monster type’s standees and ability cards together.

There’s a lot of world to explore and a lot of money to be made, get to adventuring faster with help from The Broken Token!.

NOTE: This organizer includes the full set of Gloomhaven Character Trays.


  • Compatible with 1st and 2nd Editions
  • 17 removable trays
  • 30 full-color, exclusive Monster tuck-boxes
  • Includes adjustable dividers
  • Supports sleeved cards

Outer organizer dimensions: 15.68" x 11.20" x 7.50"

Download ORG050 Assembly Instructions.

For more general tips on assembly, please read our Assembly Guide.


 This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Gloomhaven by Cephalofair Games. Cephalofair Games, Gloomhaven and their logos are trademarks of Cephalofair Games, 1915 Perdue St., Lafayette, IN, 47905

Product Videos

Product Videos

Gloomhaven Organizer Product Tour 02:59

This is the product tour for The Broken Token's Gloomhaven Organizer, officially licensed by Cephalofair Games. -17 removable trays make set-up and tear down a breeze -Compatible with 1st and 2nd Editions -30 full-color, exclusive Monster tuck-boxes -Includes adjustable dividers -Supports sleeved cards get your kit today: music: Gloom Horizon by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

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  1. Makes setting up Gloomhaven much faster

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Feb 2018

    I was skeptical of this when I first started breaking out the individual pieces. The wood is very thin and tends to splinter. This made me more careful as I was separating the parts, and, in the end, none of the pieces were damaged. Now that everything is assembled and glued together, everything seems much more durable.

    More important is that this has dramatically reduced our setup time. I tried Plano boxes before this and, although they are much cheaper, you're also going to have to hack them up to fit some of the larger pieces. I tried a cheap saw, and that didn't work very well. I was going to need to buy an expensive tool to mod the boxes, so the Broken Token kit became a much more attractive option. Wish I had started here instead.

  2. Awesome add on

    Posted by Mark J Mendola on 10th Feb 2018

    This is an awesome product. Couple of suggestions before assembly. I went through and numbered each piece while still on the packaging. This made for very quick assembly. Second, instructions on what goes where and details on spacing of inserted pieces, that hold vertical parts, would greatly help.

  3. Perfect compliment to the perfect game

    Posted by Jeremy Gibso on 10th Feb 2018

    I hesitated at the price point but it was worth every penny. If you have this game you owe it to yourself to make it complete with this organizer. It makes setup and teardown so much faster. The quality of of the materials and elegance of the design are astounding. The way the monsters have their own box with standees and attack modifiers in one place is genius. It even shows you how to stack the map tiles so everything fits perfectly. Directions are clear and the YouTube video is helpful for getting everything in the box correctly. I would recommend using wood glue. I used a little plastic syringe which worked perfectly. Buy it now.

  4. One word: amazing

    Posted by Pete Lutke on 10th Feb 2018

    This is the second Broken Token organizer I have purchased, the first being for Imperial Assault. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in these products absolutely blows me away. Hats off to your designers for being able to develop such a concise storage solution. My one suggestion to potential buyers: look up the Youtube video on how to put the storage into the Gloomhaven box. I've watched half a dozen times and will probably need to rewatch the video every time I try to put the game away.

  5. Can't Play Without

    Posted by Kevin Thomas Parrott on 8th Feb 2018

    Cannot imagine playing Gloomhaven without it. Keeps everything organized and in it's appropriate place. You can even organize the cards by what's in play and what is not. Love it.

  6. One of the Best Organizers on the Market

    Posted by Paul on 7th Feb 2018

    Can't give this enough stars! It's an absolute necessity to keep Gloomhaven well organized. Now some reviewers complain about flattening out 4 of the character boxes in order to fit everything in the box. I see no problem doing that at all. What I do is use 4 of the included wooden character trays and put 4 characters with their cards in there. Those are the 4 boxes I flatten out. I don't understand at all why people would say that's a problem. Every single thing fits in the box perfectly. Even the map tiles are well organized, and I'm not the type to put the map tiles in their proper places after each scenario either. I just put them as is on to the top tray and that's it. It still fits. Anybody giving this product less than 5 stars just doesn't have a clue what they're doing.

  7. Awesome Organizer

    Posted by Joe Calvin on 7th Feb 2018

    I can't imagine trying to play/store Gloomhaven without this organizer.

    It was pretty easy to assemble using only the printed instructions. My only issue was I glued in the card holder separators instead of just slipping them into a slot. Luckily the glue broke loose pretty easily and didn't damage any of the boxes. Having them loose will make it easy to customize the slot sizes as I go forward.

    If I had to find something to ding this on it would be that I can't get all the character boxes in the game box. Granted you will have at least two of the boxes empty since they will be in the character holders as part of the organizer. This is more an issue for me since I have not played the game yet and am storing it until our game group gets a chance to play it. Once we start playing this will not be an issue. Yup, that's pretty much the only ding I could come up with and it's a bit of a reach. :)

    The game fits in the box great. Big thumbs up on this product! Highly recommended!

  8. Play more, Setup Less

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2018

    This is a must for anyone who is exploring their way through Gloomhaven. This makes setup and tear down a breeze and is an immense time saver when an enemy card introduces a new enemy summon you weren’t expecting. If you’re worried that four tuck boxes don’t fit after adding 17 trays and 30 more tuck boxes, don’t be! The four in use character tuck boxes fit well on top of the map tiles and the box still closes well. Can’t reccommend enough.

  9. Gloomhaven would be a nightmare with out an insert

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Feb 2018

    The insert is great. Gloomhaven would be a absolute nightmare trying to keep everything together. I gave it 4 stars the insert had a few issues being put together. Nothing I was not expecting. The tray for the tile pieces was a little difficult to put together because of the the two panels for the bottom of the tray. I wish it was more of a locking tab space when putting them together. After putting together the weight of the tiles seems to separate the tray, but it does hold up. That would be my only concern I have purchased blood rage, Scythe, and Terraforming Mars inserts and love them all. I plan on buying more for future games I get that they have inserts for.

  10. A feat of engineering, but just shy of perfect

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Feb 2018

    I’m a huge fan of Broken Token organizers, and use them for a bunch of component-heavy games like Rebellion and Scythe. Gloomhaven is, of course, THE component heavy game, but I’m still disappointed that you can’t fit all of the components comfortably. You’ll need to keep 3-4 of the character tuck boxes out of the main box, the map tiles *barely* squeeze in, and some standees don’t fit well in their tuck boxes. I eventually got frustrated enough with having to take all the map tiles out to put any of them back in that I’ve picked up an accordion folder.

    It’s still the best solution I’ve seen, but short of the 5 star review I’ve left for other items.

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