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Cosmic Encounter: The Basics

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Some games are so great that they continue to live on years after they were made. Well, Cosmic Encounter is one of those games. Since it’s time being made in 1977, various additions have been made that play off the original. The classic game has been given a 6.9 rating by our friends at Board Game Geek, but even the other versions of the game have received incredible ratings.

There is no doubt about it, we love this game! It has strategy, a sci-fi plot and it is always yielding a different result. If you haven’t heard of this game before, here are some of the basics that we’re sure will sell you!

The Basics

One of the things that makes this a fantastic game is that it is such an all encompassing game! It is set up for players over the age of 12, but the challenges are no easier with age. You can continue to be challenged through the strategy of this game, regardless of how often you play. On average, this game will last about 90 minutes. It is made for anywhere between 2-6 players. That being said, the more the merrier! While it can be played with just two people, it’s ideal that there are anywhere between 4-5 players, just to keep things interesting and fast paced.

The Story

Is there such a thing as a sci-fi storyline without aliens? This game goes all in by having the players represent various alien races. Each of race of aliens is fighting the same battle: to spread to other worlds. There are five different worlds in this game, and in order to accomplish this the aliens need to get some work done.

Between battles against one another, challenges that need to be completed and alliances that need to be formed, each player needs to do what it takes in order to spread to those other worlds. But there’s more.

The trick of the game that continues to keep things interesting are the core traits of the alien races. Each race has different types of powers, attributes and capabilities. With those in mind, the player is able to handle each situation differently than the others, providing advantages and disadvantages throughout the game for all players. This is the part that makes things fun and requires strategy. Do you have what it takes to truly understand the alien race that you’re playing? Are you able to see the ways that you can break and bend the rules to your advantage? You’ll find out as soon as you try out this game!

This game continues to go on until one alien race is the occupant of all five worlds. If you’re looking for a game that has a more reasonable timeline, then you can play where there are shared victories between races or set your standards. As a rule of thumb, the alien race the the player has chosen does not need to occupy their own world in order to be considered a winner.

Once you’ve enjoyed this game, you are able to add on the various expansion packs and editions of Cosmic Encounter. Each one is different and offers different challenges for you and your friends to take on.

The Broken Token has all of the board game accessories and storage compartments that you need to keep your board game looking great. Browse the selection of pieces that we have for Cosmic Encounter and order your card sleeves, box compartments and more, online today! As always, make sure to keep up with our blog for more coverage on our favorite games, tactics, tricks and countless other topics that you’ll love!

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